Sugarbash Fall 2018 Spoilers #2 & #3!

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Sugarbash has released two more spoilers for the Fall 2018 Sugarbash box! VIPs should receive an email to customize the three items.

Each box will include:

Kevia Bracelet

Kevia Bracelet

Frost Beanie

Frost Beanie

Gabriella Scarf

Gabriella Scarf

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Box: Sugarbash

The Cost: $75

The Products:

  • A minimum of 6-7 items
  • Enjoy exclusive designer collaborations
  • Access to gated members only add-ons
  • Lifestyle box with seasonal themes
  • Members only warehouse sales and limited edition boxes

Good to Know: Boxes ship June, September and December 2018. Total of 4 boxes per year.

Check out our Sugarbash reviews to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!

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  1. How many hats and scarfs does a person need? I am very addicted to decluttering videos and I see these 2 items go more than anything except makeup.

    • Everyone is different…for myself I wear a hat/beanie about 6 out of the 7 days once the chilly fall air hits. I have a rare autoimmune disorder so my hats are my bffs with me barely having any hair! Having different styles and colors keeps things interesting plus switching them up makes me feel less like a scrub!

  2. OOOH I have not been interested in this box, but I love the Tiger’s Eye bracelet and the beanie. Thinking it over…

    • Me too! However, I am not seeing where I can order the box. Is it still available do you know?

  3. The hat and scarf seem too generic, and the bracelet seems cheap. I’m disappointed…

  4. I would totally get this if I could select my preferred choices. But I just can’t commit to an annual. I love some of their boxes but some are a miss (or close to it) for me.
    Maybe because so many people are on hat and scarf overload and will pass on this one, they’ll let everyone pick. Wishful thinking, I know! 😄

  5. I am personally not excited AT ALL so far! To my taste, the bracelet is kind of ugly. I am addicted to scarves, but these superficially look like something low quality they could buy in bulk for cheap (hopefully I’ll be wrong and the material and color of these will be super nice). I think the hat is cute, but I never wear them and if it’s wool or acrylic it’ll itch to high heaven.

    Just my thoughts — to those that love these items, more power to you! I’m hoping the rest of the box redeems my $$ spent.

    • The scarves do look like the kind you can get cheaply in bulk (one reason I have so many, lol) – but depending on fabric/quality they could be great.

  6. I am pretty happy. I need a new winter hat and I love the look of the bracelet and the scarf! A pair of fingerless gloves to match and I am all set! Did one of you say you were able to pick your items?

    • If you’re annual you can choose.

  7. I love the bracelets! I have a million beanies/hats and scarves from over the years, though.

    To the poster above – I’ve gotten at least 2 hats from POPSUGAR (one cream cashmere beanie and a black pom-pom hat) and some from Rachael Zoe (I got 2 – wine and black. They also had white as an option). I got one from a Nina Garcia box. Those are just the few I got that I can remember off hand. I know other boxes have sent them.

  8. Well this is so boring to me. Another hat and scarf? I can’t believe I signed on for an entire year! UGH!

    • Omg tell me about it. This box super suckssssss 😭. Can’t wait til my sub is over. Smh.

      • Only in your negative opinion. There are some of us, that love the box ❤️

        • I’m thrilled that you love the box, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. AND it doesn’t mean only rainbows and sunshine opinions need to be posted. ❤

          • Yes, we all have opinions. But the post should have stated it was her opinion and not speak in general terms. Others here have posted their negative thoughts, however, they made it clear it was just their opinion. The online world has so much negatively already.

          • Seriously, no one should have to point out that it is their opinion.

          • It’s pretty much a given that what someone writes is her opinion…

      • I think for me it’s really going to depend on the rest of the box. (And if they remember to include the Crate/Barrel item for Summer subscribers that didn’t get it as they promised.) The first box was mostly a miss for me (although I use the produce bags a lot, so there’s that.) The summer box I wasn’t sure about from spoilers but I liked most of it (minus the earrings) once it came. The scarf replacement for the Crate and Barrel item was actually very nice.

        This box so far is OK, not great, not terrible – I think besides the bracelet it just seems like stuff I already have and could easily find. I think the hardest thing is that the sub doesn’t have a consistency of aesthetic that lets me know what to expect. Items might be super dressy, super casual, eco-conscious minimalist, shabby chic, dressy casual, etc. I think boxes like PopSugar and Happy Rebel tend to be a little tighter in how they curate in terms of style, which makes it a bit easier to know if the box will be a good fit or not.

  9. I like the colors of the bracelets so won’t mind whichever I get. Really hoping for the green onyx or purple Jade or tiger eye, though! I like that the bracelets are unique/unusual, so they are the most exciting spoiler for me so far.

    The beanies and scarves are OK – I think I would be a little more enthused (since I love scarves/hats) if I didn’t already have a ton of similar scarves. Any of the colors but light blue would be fine, though (I have so many light blue scarves, plus we got a white/blue scarf in the summer box.) I’m hoping for a hat color I don’t already have in a warm version (so basically Rose or Charcoal, or maybe Navy.) I’m not really sure they are scarves I would pair together with those hats, either, as I pair my silkier looking/smoother scarves with dressier outfits and pair chunky knit hats with casual.

    Overall not bad so far, but not terribly thrilling either. Looking forward to see the rest of the spoilers!

  10. Glad to see some info from this company. I like the bracelet but have the other 2 items already so I’m gonna wait it out and see what else is in the box.

  11. Made my choices– that hat looks familiar– was it in another box? Doesn’t seem real exciting so far…

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