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For a limited time, coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have box when you sign up for a quarterly subscription! (Regularly $75 a box.)

The Fall box includes:

popsugar must have box fall 2018

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  1. I finally caved and bought this! I really want the scarf, and I noticed I do have a need for a valet tray and another scarf organizer. I love Tarte, so even though I have a backlog of masks I am excited to try this one (or I may end up gifting it.) I’ll probably even use the little rose gold card holder to stick on my phone – seems convenient.

  2. About how long do these take to ship? I subscribed on 09/15 and still no word. Thanks!

    • Email them. Mine took forever but I got shipping info right after I emailed.

      • I rec’d my box!

  3. Definitely DO NOT pay full price. My scarf REEKS and boyfriend says it smells like a glue ??? Gonna do a vinegar wash, better help. Soft though, seems warm.

    The bracelet has a weird fit. Very uncomfortable.

    The leather snaps take a lot of work to keep snapped, you have to sort of fold them and keep them snapped and then they will stay but pop open if you move it. I think it can be fixed with glue?

    Thr lipstick is a no go, too dark.

    The mask is good but doesn’t supercede any of my other masks in terms of results.

    So far the sunglasses are the best. They look good even if you cant rock that aviator look.

    Was so excited but this is two boxes now that are meh. I miss the old Posugar.

  4. I finally gotten an email about the box that im getting…. which is box A

    • What does Box A mean?? Did they have more than one box?

    • Maybe it references the bracelet color?

  5. Got an email a few days ago telling me my box is on the way…what!. Guess I did not cancel when I got last seasons. Now, glad I didn’t. Love the leather tray. The scarf is going to be a b-day gift for an office friend. Can’t wait to try the Clorox things. Keep saying I’m going to try those nail and hair pills, and now I have some. Everything else will be used or gifted during the holidays. This time I made sure I cancelled.

  6. Has anyone here had to contact Customer Service regarding a defective product? One of the snaps on my leather valet tray won’t stay snapped….like they aren’t the same size to form a tight enough fit. They emailed me back & said they would contact the vendor to work on a remedy…… I guess I was expecting them to immediately send me a new one & then worry about getting a replacement for their own stock separately. I’m just concerned that I’m going to end up getting screwed out of one of my items if they don’t already have a plan in place for the occasional manufacturer defect. Just curious if anyone has had a similar experience & can tell me what to expect.

    • None of my snaps will stay snapped. Kind of disappointing.

    • ****UPDATE*****
      They emailed me that a replacement is on the way!!

  7. I ordered this box based on the spoilers and was so, so excited to get it. But, the items aren’t as good in real life as they looked. The bracelet fits very strangely, no matter how much I adjust it. The lipstick I received is the color of concealer with swirls of grey-ish purple–when worn, it gives the appearance of a poorly covered-up bruise. The scarf it too heavy to be worn easily all day indoors, but isn’t really what you want as a thick scarf with a coat. It is too wide to drape nicely around your neck for decoration, but is too narrow to make a really good wrap-style scarf. It was the item I was most looking forward to, and is much harder to style than I imagined. For me, the best items in the box are the vanity tray, which I would never have bought for myself, and the “free” sunglasses–remarkably cute. I still think this box is a decent value at $55, but am happy I didn’t pay $75.

  8. I’d buy if it was a one-time purchase. I’m not ready for another full subscription of surprises. Maybe later.

    • It’s one time purchase. It’s “once in a quarter box”

  9. So, this is my third year subscription with popsugar and recently got an email where they needed me to update my billing info. SO, i tried to do it and it says I can not because I am outside the US.
    OK I live in Mexico but it ships to a US address, same during this past three years.
    So they cancelled my subscription! :@

    Customer service sucked , guess I will subsribe to rachel zoe instead.

    • Sorry this happened to you but Rachel Zoe’s customer service is notoriously terrible!

    • Rachel Zoe has the worst box contents, value and customer service ever. I did a year, time served is how I look at it.

  10. I’m currently in Europe on vacation and couldn’t even access the PSMH site; it said “sorry, we’re not available in your area yet.” Seems kind of unwise to restrict access like this, especially from people who might want to buy gifts for those who are in the US. But! Temptation is averted and money saved 🙂

  11. The bracelet fits like a nightmare. If you’re getting the box largely because of the bracelet and you aren’t a stick, don’t do it. The rose gold is sold out as well, if you’re not okay with silver and gold they won’t tell you until after you sub.

  12. Is it hard to cancel this box? I just want to get one. I can’t see myself spending $75 per quarter for a box. Seems way too expensive. Especially since FabFitFun is cheaper and pretty much the same.

    • It was really easy to cancel. But they didn’t say when they charge next box. That’s why i check my account, And I canceled when they took money. But that time was $15 off. I should wait this time! hahaha!

    • You can cancel online. You can do it immediately after placing your order and you will get the prepaid one and no more.

    • Super easy to cancel, and they do tell you when to cancel to avoid being charged for the next box. It’s in their FAQ.
      Summer: April 15th
      Fall: August 1st
      Winter: October 15th
      Spring: February 1st

  13. Got my shipping notification yesterday. Really excited to get mine!! Love PSMH. I still miss the monthly boxes, but the quarterly ones have been amazing so far, so I’m happy!

  14. Really is an amazing box like everyone has been saying! They have really redeemed themselves! A lot of very useful items, plus I got the Raplabs coaster addons and they are gorgeous. I had credit on in my account from the rollover of my box credits after February, so I didn’t even have to pay anything for the coasters, I just used some of my credit. The cuff in silver is pretty, and the scarf is beautiful. Love it all!

  15. The coupon made me do it! I have no self control!

  16. Must. Resist. Must!!!

  17. I just got mine today too and although I was ok with the spoilers I’m really in love with it now. Even the freebies were fab! Aviators often look big or weird on my face cause I have oddly fat cheeks but these were perfect! I even love the color…but the whole box was a rose gold explosion because I chose that for my bracelet too! I guess this means I’m likely going to stick around for winter too…PS have redeemed themselves at least for now in my eyes.

  18. Hoo boy. This is sooo tempting. But I live in Texas so that great sweater won’t get a ton of use. But I love the sunglasses! And the cuff looks cute and I a silver jewelry girl so it would be okay. I am literally just commenting trying to talk myself out of it!

  19. Just opened my box today and the scarf is my favorite item in it, it’s so soft and I love the colors and size. I picked the rose gold bracelet and happy with the look. The lipstick makes me look dead so I’m giving it to my niece. Happy with this box.

  20. I paid full price. I hate everything.

    • Wow that is sad to hear there is such a variety of items I can’t imagine hating it all! I’m not a scarf girl but the other items are at least useful.

    • It totally sucks when that happens! When I do that I think “dang I could have bought a boxycharm or two Ipsy orders with that!”

    • Even with the $20 off, I would not buy. I feel bad for you. I hope the winter box is better. Dont need another scarf, makeup, tray…

    • I feel you. The only things I LIKE (and wouldn’t go out of my way to grab these in particular, but will at least use) are the makeup wipes. The lipstick is meh, I don’t need to open it because I know I have a ton of others that look just like it. The hanging organizer I could use but I wouldn’t have ever grabbed one myself. The rest is a total disappointment. I though I would like the mask and that helped some, but it smells like disgusting chemical grossness.

  21. I received mine today! I love it. Very nice curation. I’m relatively new to subscription boxes though so I’ve not od’ed on scarves. I’m a huge rose gold fan so the fall box is right up my alley. The Tribe Alive tray is especially nice and not something I’d buy for myself.

  22. I caved in with the $20 off coupon.

  23. I cancelled when they moved to quarterly but this looked pretty tempting with the deal. So I logged in just now, added the new subscription to my cart, but when I put in the MSA20 code, it says “Please input a valid coupon” ???
    Do I need to make a new account on PS to get the coupon to work?

    • I’m pretty sure you need to create a new account.

    • You do need a new account…..so just use a different email address. 😉

  24. When is this box supposed to ship?

    • Mine shipped last week.

      • I ordered last Wednesday, it was shipped today. Very fast!

        • This irritates me. I ordered 10 days ago and my status has said “processing” for the last 8 days. I e-mailed them about it and they said it takes 7-10 business days to ship, which means it might be another week before it even ships.

          I also told them I was upset that I didn’t find out they were sold out of the advertised rose gold bracelet until after they already had my money, and they were like “sorry, not sorry, hope you like silver or gold!”

          So far, I am supremely unimpressed with them and their CS, and that’s before I even got my first box.

    • I ordered last week, and after seven days I hadn’t heard anything. I emailed and then got a shipping notification. I think they forgot about me.

  25. Very tempted also but really don’t need it. Not really into the cuff or tray which are a big part of the value but it is a good box. I love seeing these posts where Liz adds older items in from previous boxes bc then I remember all the crap I still have sitting in my closet unused! Still doesn’t stop me from getting more though!

  26. I got one. It’s much better than the summer box. And I got silver bracelet!

    • Did you order today? If so, were you able to pick the bracelet color? I only wear silver so I don’t want to order if I can’t choose. Thanks!

      • Dani, I think you can pick b/w silver and gold. Only rose gold is sold out. Hope that helps!

        • Great! Thanks so much, Lesly!

      • I ordered 2 days ago and I was able to choose the bracelet color
        They were sold out of the rose gold

  27. I have a feeling this box is going to be like the Zoe box of style where you can get it discounted after they have remaining boxes, leading ppl to resist subbing to wait for a deal. I was pretty eh about this box after getting it so I’m going to take it season by season. The cuff fits really weird but I like the wrap and the hanger.

    • I had to bend the ends of it the triangular part inward of the bracelet before it felt right.

    • The cuff is very problematic for me. I just can’t get it to fit right and comfortably. It ends up going sideways on my wrist. It’s a disappointment because I thought, since it’s so large, that it would be designed for a larger woman to wear (as in a large frame, like 5’10, and proportionate, not a beanpole), but no. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tray initially, but I’m now using it to hold all my craft supplies on my end table, and I love it.


  29. I’m sooo tempted!!

  30. I just subbed myself, and FYI, they are sold out of those pretty rose gold cuffs in the photo above. They only have the silver and gold left. I wish I would have known that before I subbed. Probably still would have signed up, but I wasn’t happy that they hid that until after they had my money.

    • Same! I *really* wanted the rose gold. I ended up choosing silver, which will look good with black and gray, so not a total bust.

      • I like black and gray, But also i like gold. That’s why i’m not mad! I like silver and gold combination. But silver color makes me too basic. That’s why i like to use gold color too. And this scarf doesn’t have rose gold color. It is more purplish pink. It’s mean rose gold bangle can’t matching with scarf.

        I don’t know why people want to choice rose gold… Rose gold using copper. That’s why really easy to get to change color too. I guess. That’s why it’s gonna looks poor.

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