33 Best Makeup + Beauty Monthly Subscription Boxes for 2018!

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We’ve been reviewing makeup subscription boxes for years—they’re not only fun to get, but fun to give! Looking for the perfect gift for makeup and beauty lovers? Browse this list for some of our favorite subscription boxes filled with cosmetics, skincare, hair products, and other self-care surprises!

Here are our all-time favorite makeup and beauty subscription boxes:


1. Boxycharm

Price: $21 a month. Sign up here!

Why it’s a must: This is the subscription box that always makes me say, “I don’t know how they do it!” Almost every month subscribers get over $100 worth of beauty and makeup products for only $21. If you are looking for a lot of full-size makeup products, this is a great option, and one of the best beauty boxes currently available. (If you can only do one or two beauty boxes a month, I would recommend this as one of them!)

Be sure to read our Boxycharm vs Ipsy post and see what we received in a 6 month subscription to learn more! Also check out our Boxycharm spoilers to get a preview of what will come in your first box when you subscribe.

Sephora Play

2. Play! by Sephora

Price: $10 a month. Sign up here!

Why it’s a must: It’s a beauty subscription box from Sephora! It’s only $10! Each month you’ll get 5 beauty samples, plus an additional perfume sample. The brands they feature in the box are the same ones they sell at Sephora stores, so it’s a high-end collection of samples, and they often showcase new products, too.

Check out all of our Play by Sephora reviews and our Play! by Sephora spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!


3. Yuzen

Price: $35 a quarter. Sign up here!

Why it’s a must: This is basically a spa experience in a box! If you are looking for a natural/ingredient-conscious beauty box with a luxe feel I highly recommend this box. Most of the items are deluxe-sized or full-sized, and there’s usually a non-beauty item like chocolate in there too! (And the packaging on this box is gorgeous. It feels like unwrapping the best gift!)

Check out my Yuzen reviews and our Yuzen spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Target Beauty Box

4. Target Beauty Box

Price: Varies in cost (Usually $7). Check availability here!

Why it’s a must: The only thing bad about the Target Beauty Box is that it isn’t an official subscription yet! Target releases new beauty boxes about every other month, and they sell out within hours because they are that good! The value is always great, they come with Target coupons, and they have a good mix of samples and full-size items. Also, a pro-tip from fellow My Subscription Addiction readers—save the Target Beauty Coupon in your box to use on your next Target Beauty Box purchase!

(If you want to make sure you can an email alert the next time this box launches, make sure to sign up for the My Subscription Addiction daily newsletter).

Check out my Target Beauty Box reviews and our Target Beauty Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

5. Allure Beauty Box

Price: $15 a month – Sign up here to save $5 off your first month!

Why it is a must: Each month, Allure sends subscribers 5 beauty samples (sometimes a full-size item), and there’s usually a bonus 6th item, too. They send some high-end brands, and the sample sizes are usually generous, too!

Check out my Allure Beauty Box reviews and Allure Beauty Box spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!


6. Birchbox

Price: $10 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Birchbox is one of the original beauty boxes, and one of my favorites for discovering new beauty brands. (They also have recently launched their own in-house brands). Each month you’ll get 5 beauty samples (haircare, skincare, makeup, nail polish, fragrance, etc.).

Another thing I love about Birchbox – they let you pick one of your samples each month! It’s a great way to pick out one item you know you want to try and still be surprised by the rest of the box!

Check out our Birchbox reviews and our Birchbox spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Look Fantastic

7. Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Price: $19 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box from the UK that includes at least 6 handpicked items along with an issue of Elle UK magazine. The box includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body products curated around a theme. Shipping is free to the US, and the value of these boxes is always impressive!

Check out Look Fantastic Beauty Box Reviews and Look Fantastic Beauty Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Medusa's Make Up

8. Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box

Price: $15.95 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: If you are interested in bold, vegan makeup, this is the subscription for you. Each month you’ll get 3-4 full-size makeup products with a total value of around $40. It’s a great way to try out everything Medusa’s Makeup offers at a deep discount!

Check out our Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

RIckys Cult Crushes

9. Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes

Price: $14 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Looking for an inexpensive makeup box that sends you on-trend, full-size beauty items? This is your box! (Just make sure you are OK with getting some bold/daring makeup!)

Check out our Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Pearlesque Box

10. Pearlesque Box

Price: $39.95 a month. Save $5 off your first month with coupon code PEARL5 – sign up here!

Why it is a must: Pearlesque Box is a monthly subscription box that highlights one natural beauty brand each month. They include full size and deluxe size products, so it is a great way to really try out a brand and see if it is for you.

Check out our Pearlesque Box reviews and our Pearlesque Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Benevolent Beauty Box

11. Benevolent Beauty Box

Price: $29.95/month. Use code WELCOME for 15% off your first month! Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Benevolent Beauty sends out strictly cruelty-free items in the categories of cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and beauty tools.

Ships to: US and worldwide!

Check out our Benevolent Beauty Box reviews and our Benevolent Beauty Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Sisley Paris

12. Sisley Paris Beauty Subscription

Price: $10 a month (Pay 6 months up front). Sign up here!

Why it is a must: You have to pay $60 up front for 6 months of this subscription, but $10 a box is a fantastic deal for these expensive beauty samples! (A typical box has a value of over $80!)

Check out our Sisley Paris Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


13. MINTD Box

Price: £65.00 + shipping (About $97 total in US dollars). Use coupon code WELCOME17 to get free shipping on your first box when you sign up here!

Why it is a must: If you want a luxury beauty box, this one checks all the boxes. Every box you’ll receive 4-5 full size or deluxe size beauty products. It’s a spa day in a box!

Check out our MINTD Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

14. Beauty Heroes

Price: $115 for 3 months. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: If you love natural and organic beauty products, I highly recommend this subscription. They send out a “hero” item each month (AKA full-size item), and a “side kick” item (sometimes full-size, sometimes deluxe size) from one brand. It’s a great way to discover new natural beauty brands and sample multiple items from their line.

Check out our Beauty Heroes reviews and Beauty Heroes Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

15. So Susan Color Curate

Price: $20.95 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Looking for Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Paraben-Free makeup with amazing pigment? This is the subscription! Each month you’ll get 4 full-size makeup items, plus a new makeup bag!

Check out our So Susan Color Curate reviews and our So Susan Lip Love Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Teri Miyahari

16. Teri Miyahari Beauty Box

Price: $39 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: If you’re looking for an ingredient-conscious, full-size, makeup box, this is a high-quality pick. All items are made exclusively for this box and are guaranteed to be vegan, natural, and cruelty-free.

Check out our Teri Miyahari reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Julep Maven

17. Julep Maven

Price: $24.99 a month (Or $19.99 a month with a 3-month subscription). Sign up here to get a free 12-piece nail polish box when you sign up!

Why it is a must: Julep is the perfect beauty subscription if you want to expand your nail polish collection, and you want to have complete control over your beauty box. Each month on the 20th, subscribers get to pick out the items in their boxes from the new nail polish and beauty product collections. Everything is full size, and you can get 2 nail polishes plus a full-size beauty product of your choice each month for the cost. (You can also go for all nail polish, or all beauty products – they give you all the customization options).

Check out my Julep Maven reviews and Julep Maven spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!


18. Cocotique

Price: $20 a month. Use coupon code BOX10 to save 10% on your first month when you sign up here!

Why it is a must: Cocotique is a subscription box that caters specifically to women of color. Each month they send 5-8 beauty and hair care items. (Usually a mix of samples, deluxe and full-size items). They also offer amazing value limited edition boxes throughout the year, and they sometimes have brand takeover months, where you’ll get several full-size items from one brand.

Check out our Cocotique reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

New Beauty Test Tube

19. New Beauty Test Tube

Price: $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping (ships every other month).Sign up here!

Why it is a must: New Beauty Test Tube may just be the original beauty subscription box and it is still going strong! This box ships every other month, and they deliver a lot of full-size and deluxe-size products. They recently revamped to 2.0 – which means lots of new brands!

Check out my New Beauty Test Tube reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


20. BeautyFIX

Price: $24.95 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: This is another high-value box compared the cost. (Usually around the $100 mark). They typically provide a good mix of makeup, skincare and haircare products. (More haircare than most other beauty boxes). If you are looking for a good variety of items with a high value, this one almost always delivers.

Check out my Beauty Fix reviews and Beauty Fix spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Walmart Beauty Box

21. Walmart Beauty Box

Price: $5 a quarter. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: This one gets mixed reviews on our site, and for good reason – Walmart sends out extremely varied boxes each season. Some subscribers get awesome boxes with full-size items like makeup and deodorant when other subscribers only get samples and foil packets. However, I put it on the list because 1. $5 beauty box and 2. If you like a gamble, the risk is somewhat small, and it can really pay off.

Check out our reviews of Walmart Beauty Box and our Walmart Beauty Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Petit Vour

22. Petit Vour

Price: $15 a month ($23 a month to Canada). Sign up here!

Why it is a must: If you are looking for vegan and/or natural beauty products, this box is for you! Petit Vour focuses on quality over quantity, so you can expect usually 4 samples, some of which may be full-size. I’ve discovered some great new brands from this subscription, too!

Check out my Petit Vour reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Vegan Cuts

23. Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

Price: $39.95 per quarter. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: The Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is a new quarterly box from Vegan Cuts. It joins the Vegan Cuts line up of the monthly Beauty Box and Snack Box. If you want only full-size makeup, and monthly is a little too frequent for you, this is a great way to refresh your makeup bag each season.

Check out our reviews of the Vegan Cuts Makeup Box to learn more about this subscription box!


24. Boxwalla Green Beauty Box

Price: $49.95 every other month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Looking for a mix of high-end natural and organic beauty products? This beauty box sends you several new products in a luxe box every other month.

Check out our reviews of the Boxwalla Beauty Box and Boxwalla Beauty Box Spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!


25. Ipsy

Price: $10 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Ipsy sends you 5 beauty and makeup samples each month PLUS a makeup bag! This is one of the best beauty subscription boxes in terms of retail value compared to cost – most bags have values of $40 or more. It’s also a great subscription for getting full-size makeup. The brands are a mix of high-end, mid-range and drugstore brands, so expect to get some cheaper makeup. (And they also occasionally send beauty tools like brushes, tweezers, etc.)

Check out my Ipsy reviews and our Ipsy spoilers to learn more about this subscription box!

Deck of Scarlet

26. Deck of Scarlet

Price: $29.95 a box. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: Love palettes? This beauty subscription sends you a new palette with lip and eyeliner every other month. Plus the formulas are 100% cruelty-free, paraben free, and made in the USA.

Check out Deck of Scarlet reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


27. We Are Onyx Box

Price: $25 a box. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: This beauty box for women of color features a mix of haircare, skincare, and cosmetics every month. And the value is typically are over $70 a box!

Check out our We Are Onyx Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

MorpheMe by LiveGlam

28. LiveGlam MorpheMe Brush Club

Price: $19.99 a box. Sign up here and get a free bonus brush in your first box!

Why it is a must: Now that you have lots of beauty and makeup subscriptions, you need makeup brushes to go with all your new products! This subscription sends out 3-7 quality brushes every month, with a guaranteed value of at least $30!

Check out our LiveGlam MorpheMe Brush Club reviews to learn more about this subscription box! 


29. Maple Blume

Price: $120 + $20 shipping CAD to the US (About $112 total). Sign up here!

Why is it a must: Looking for a luxe, treat yo’ self, natural beauty box? This is your box! And they ship every other month, so that helps with the price tag!

Ships to: US and Canada

Check out all of our Maple Blume reviews to learn more about this subscription!


30. Facetory

Price: $5.95 + $2.95 shipping for 4 masks, 15.95 + $3.95 shipping for 7 masks. Use code MSA20 to save 20% off your first box when you sign up here!

Why it is a must: This is a great beauty subscription for anyone who loves a good sheet mask! And an inexpensive subscription, too.

Ships to: US and worldwide!

Check out our Facetory reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


31. GoodBeing Box

Price: $21 a month. Sign up here!

Why it is a must: This is a natural and organic beauty box that lets you customize! Each month you’ll get to pick two of your products, and you’ll be surprised by the rest!

Check out my GoodBeing reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Macy's Beauty Box

32. Macy’s Beauty Box

Price: $15 a month. Sign up here!

Why is it a must: Want to make sure you only get department store-quality beauty items in your subscription box? Macy’s fits the bill! Every month you’ll receive 5 beauty samples (a mix of makeup and skincare), 1 perfume sample, and a makeup bag. Plus you’ll receive a $5 coupon to use on any Macy’s beauty purchase.

Check out my Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

Art of Organics

33. Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics

Price: $39 a month ($78 for 2 months, or sign up for 6 or 21 months to save more per box). Sign up here!

Why is it a must: This is a great subscription box for anyone looking to discover great high-end natural beauty brands. Each box includes 2-4 full or deluxe sized organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty items

Check out my Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

What do you think of these makeup and beauty subscription boxes? What are your favorites? Any more I should add to this list?

Check out all of our beauty subscription box reviews, and if you are looking for more great boxes, check out our list of 50 Subscription Boxes you can try for $10 or less!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.

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  1. JensAesthetics is a beauty box that’s nonsubscription but higher end products – I use them religiously.

  2. Cult Crushes is no longer a thing. I got 3 boxes & they were pretty good, but a few weeks ago I got an email saying the service is ending.

  3. Can anyone recommend a box that is *just* makeup? I don’t have any biological hair and my wigs don’t need product. =)
    No fragrances or limited ones would be a huge plus as well. Thanks for reading and looking forward to some suggestions.

    • Kacey, my best case recommendation is BOXYCHARM. They are ‘mostly’ a makeup box, although they occasionally include a bit of skincare every so often. I have been an active subscriber for 1 1/2 years now and during that time I have never seen any hair care items, so this box might be a good fit for you. Check out their website and look at some of the past box contents.

      • I would go with boxycharm as well. I’ve been a subscriber for over 1 yr and have not had any hair products yet. I to don’t care for the hair products because I use only certain things in my hair from the saloon I go to. Boxycharm always sends out awesome things. They are my favorite my #1 go to.

    • Lola box and ipsy are good because with ipsy you can tell them what you like and dont like and theynjave a profile that you can fill out.. boxycharm is another along with deck of scarlet. I understand about the wigs i wear them too due to my alopecia areata… wishing you the best and sending you peace and blessings

    • Medusa’s Makeup is great Makeup subscription. I absolutely love it.

    • Hi Kacey I do Ipsy and you can choose what products you want to receive. You complete a profile that asks about what you like, your skin type, etc. and you receive products based on your profile. I also just signed up for the Sephora Box but I haven’t received just yet. Have had Ipsy for years and have been very happy with my products. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Medusa is makeup all

    • And Boxycharm

    • And Boxycharm I’ve tried a lot like those two

    • I also recommend Julep. It is 100% customizable, and you can pause a multi-month subscription very, very easily. The quality of the products (all of them, not just the nail polish) is fantastic. I love their skin care and makeup, and their nail polishes are some of the best formulations out there (I use gels now, so I don’t need any more nail polish).
      I might also mention that their customer service is top notch…and that’s saying something because I have been in customer service for about 30 years, and am a trainer. I use Julep as one of my examples of “What To Do”.

    • Boxycharm….if u truly want eyeshadow and blush palettes,brushes,eyeliner and mascara! I’ve gotten 4 great palettes almost all from co I heard of. Yes,they r all really worth over 100$. Best box I’ve gotten

    • I no in some boxes u can tell them u do not want hair products but allure box was my fav only cuz u get full size products

  4. Was rushing through the article trying to find where boxy charm was and laughing at myself later for not seeing it at the top. Best list out there I’d say. I’m a subscription box freak. Cosmetic Boxes are my life.

    • Which are your favorites?

      • Hi Gayle! I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.
        Most months BoxyCharm is fantastic.
        I still enjoy BeautyFIX (it went downhill for a while, but it’s been impressive lately).
        Julep is great quality and easy to put on hold if you don’t need anything that month.
        I often have box-envy with Allure (but not this upcoming month of November 2018).
        Le Metier De Beaute Beauty Vault VIP was my favorite (but no longer around).
        Deck of Scarlet is a little bit expensive, but the makeup quality and curation is worth it.
        You might also try Medusa’s Makeup…I never received colors that suited me, but I loved the type and quality of the products that were sent.

  5. Why has someone not gotten on board with boxes geared strictly towards mature women and or zero fragrance in the products? I have Play and give 99% of it to my granddaughter because it’s either highly fragranced which isn’t going anywhere near my face or so much sparkle. I know most companies are geared to the way younger crowd but dang!

    • It’s not a subscription box, but JensAesthetics has a ‘build your own’ box with high end beauty and skin care products. Might be worth checking out – the owner is really nice and might be able to point you in the right direction

  6. Liz, you might want to take a look at the price listed for the Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics. As far as I know, it is not available for $15 — the cheapest I know of is the 12-month subscription, which shakes out to about $35/month. (And if it is available for the lower price, please tell me, because I want that deal!)

  7. Are any of these shipped to Mexico?

  8. I also have two subscriptions for Sisley and am never disappointed. I had tried a subscription to The Detox Market when they first started and think I am going to sign up again. I am pretty impressed with their service and products.

  9. Boxycharm is a great value, and I really liked most of the stuff I got from it, but…is it weird that I’d rather get a ton of sample-sized items than fewer full-size items? I prefer to shop for the bigger stuff myself I guess.

  10. Now I feel so much better with my “only” 4 subscription boxes ( Ipsy, Sisley, Look Fantastic and Allure) when I see many of you doing more, lol.
    I really like these boxes and luckily no repeats in these combo. I tried boxycharm before and it was great too.
    Probably will cancel Allure and would love to try some new organic boxes, just could not decide yet.

  11. Ok but what about How To Be A Redhead?? I would say from experience it’s the best deal with the most products – some sample size, some full size. And I looooove having products tailored to my gingerness.

  12. I get a double dose of Beautyfix every month and I also get Allure and Sephora play. I dropped Ipsy and Birchbox. I was liking the last two less and less and spending too much money. The money saved can be put towards a full size discovery or staple. I love trying new skincare products and hair care is okay too. I don’t care for makeup samples. I keep my look natural and prefer to pick my own products.

  13. I feel like I am slacking. I only have 8 of these boxes, well technically 7 as I recently cancelled Julep. My favorite is Boxycharm. I have only received one box from them so far, but I was blown away.

    • I have been getting boxycharm for over a year and brought two of my three daughters on board!

  14. I love my Boxycharm and Ipsy! Naturebox and Birchbox were both nice but got boring. Play couldn’t seem to get in line with my interests, Walmart has yet to send me my Fall box, and Target won’t ship to my P.O. Box and I can’t get the delivery person to leave it at my street address.

    How do we go about telling you about subscription services? I receive 2 others that aren’t listed here on your site that I love enough to want to share with everyone in case it’s something that would interest them.

    • What are they? Though, I do live in Hawaii so there’s a lot of ones I wanted but they don’t ship here unfortunately 🙁

    • Sarah,
      Ask your post office for the street addressing option. I recently added this option for free to my post office box. So instead of PO BOX 1234, I now use 123 Main Street # 1234 for my mailing address. I receive UPS, FEDEX, and Amazon shipping to this address. I absolutely love this service.

    • What are the two?

    • I was surprised to not see GlossyBox listed even though I had it a few months and cancelled. It’s up there along with Boxy Charm. I haven’t tried it yet but I will. I’ve been getting ipsy, Birchbox, Play, & FabFitFun (quarterly) for years and I look forward to FFF the most! It has great stuff I can use to gift anyone on a special occasion and the products are of great value. You get up to (or around) $500 worth of stuff (plus 2 bonuses you choose) for only $49.99 (if I remember correctly & $10/ off your 1st box).
      I had Allure a few times and out of all my box subs, they have the worse customer service. You do have to check your samples, since most get recycled, I had some replacements sent. If you hold up a tube of, face serum, for example, to a light and you can see if it’s full or not. I’ve gotten a lot of samples that were almost empty!! Ipsy and Birchbox has great customer service. Especially if you use Instagram!

  15. Allure, Sephora Play, Boxycharm, Walmart, Target and Beautycon when they do the super sale boxes…is that too many? Just wondering…

    • Those are the same ones I get, lol. Today I finally got on the waiting list for the Tribe Beauty Box. Been trying to get that one for awhile!

  16. What are your thoughts and reviews on Bless Box?

    • Not sure if you are asking Liz, or just looking for opinions. I think it’s a hit or miss box. I did the $20 mystery box and received August 2017 and was extremely disappointed. If you go to their page and look at prior boxes you can see all 12 months. It’s not solely a beauty box. I will say I did have a good customer service experience.

  17. I have another subscription you can try out. Its called soltheory. Its mainly based on shades but they have a variety to choose from like womens shades and mens shades. And they subscribe makeup with a pair of shades or jewelry. You can check out my instagram and click the link. Scorpio.32

  18. i remember my very very first beauty box and that is Cosmetique which still is going strong..Everytime i open a magazine..one of those loose flyers come with it and had Cosmetique ad for you to try out…i was using it faithfully til one day I guess i didn;t have enough money in my account to cover the monthly cost for that month and it stopped…i love some of their products..I especially love Sistina a very nice soft fragrance…i think i might check up on them and renew with them for old times sakes..great article…right now I just started with Ipsy..not bad..cute bags like u said…i quit Scentbird..their scents did not ever last on me …don;t know why…they are a bugger to try to get to cancel your subscription…uugghh…

  19. Color me stunned for the omission of Glossybox from this list. After having tried numerous boxes listed above, Glossy and BeautyFIX remain my go-to. I’ve recently renewed my subscription to Test Tube Beauty after having quit them in a fit over all their drugstore brands. Ipsy and Birchbox? Meh. Quit after one or two boxes. Then again, I’m not 14 anymore.

    • Pamela,
      I too love the items in Glossybox, but their customer service is extremely disjointed. No one seems to know what’s going on over there. Maybe it was left out for that reason. Until they revamp their CS I am done with them after my Gilt City package is complete. Though I will miss their boxes.

    • Pamela Grow: Funny thing, I’m not 14 any longer and I have found Glossybox to be one of the worst offenders of bad curation and terrible, awful most disgraceful Customer Service in my many years of living on this planet. But then again, we are all very different and I think that is something we all need to remember..,.

      • YES I do agree Glossybox’s customer service SUCKS!! I’m so frustrated with Glossybox right now, you are right the right hand don’t know what the left hand is doing over there!! I will be canceling for good once my subscription runs out!! I made a mistake and bought a 3 month subscription against my better judgement and I’m still waiting on my 1st box which was supposed to be the June box, I know it’s July 16th, go figure!!! I’ve just sent them an email telling them they are a bunch of incompetent idiots and that they have no people skills at all!!! There customer service is so bad!! Good luck to anybody getting the Glossybox box still, I will pray for you.

        • Denise: Yes, they are the worst (or almost the worst). I think that Ricky’s Cult Crushes might be right behind Glossy. In the meantime, best of luck with getting your boxes, I hope they are all you want them to be.

  20. I am thinking about trying Beauty Con Box. It looks like it has a very nice selection & I am going to try it. I am dropping a few subscriptions & trying a few new ones. If anyone gets this box could you let me know how you like it .
    Thanks ☺

    • I loved it but they discontinued it 😢

  21. I finally took Liz’s advice and signed up for a second subscription to Sisley. I am on my second year with Sisley and have been very pleased. The samples that are sent last longer than you would think based on the size.

  22. I just finished reading this post and the comments and I just wanted to add a little PSA. Ladies stay away from Beauty Box 5. I had nothing but problems from the word go. Billing issues, tracking issues, no response from customer service, yadda, yadda, yadda, had to file a complaint with the BBB to get my box at all and when I did get tracking it came from BBB. YIKEES Also, the BBB gives them an F due to sooooo many complaints. Please beware. It would have been wise on my part to read reviews prior to ordering it would have steered me away. Clearly it was not just a one time thing. Just putting it out there so no one else has that experience.

    • Yep it is sad but true!!! You can go on Beauty Box 5’s Facebook page and look at all of the comments from their last 4 posts. Every subscriber was charged in August yet their July boxes hadn’t even been shipped yet. I subbed on June 22nd and got my 1st box Aug 17th!!!! No response to 3 e-mails for months!!! Needless to say, I cancelled, along with 1,000’s of others. But i paid for 3 months upfront so I’m hoping to get all my boxes before Christmas!!!

  23. I’m entirely new to the world of subscribing for make up. It’s never really been my thing, but as I’ve grown I’ve found myself wanting it, but unsure of what to go for next. I saw an ad for Ipsy, looked into it and was about to order, but thought I’d see if there was somewhere that had reviews and other options for beauty boxes. This helped me a lot! Thank you!

    • I’m 47 years old. I’ve always loved eyeliners and lipsticks. My youngest daughter (24) has always been into make-up and hair. She has been doing Ipsy for awhile and orders quite a bit of make-up online (Tarte, Urban Decay, Too Faced and so on). She started using me as her test subject and has really gotten me into make-up. I had not worn foundation in 20 years. Now, I use primers, foundation, concealer,bronzers, highlighters, blush and so on….I could open up a small shop with all the eye shadows I now own. Face masks are something else that I have just started using again.
      I subscribe to:
      Beauty Fix
      Ipsy is fun and I really like the monthly bags. I love purchasing the Ipsy extras too. The most recent extra was a Bellapierre eyeshadow palette for $19 that retails at $50.
      All the other boxes are pretty new subscriptions.
      BoxyCharm seems to carry a lot of make-up related items which is great and a way to get to try new make ups inexpensive yet
      Glossybox looks more geared for skin care and a great way to test new brands with mostly deluxe samples.
      Beauty Fix has a lot of really expensive skin care products that is awesome for trying out before you buy a costly full size bottle (full size eyeshadow last month).
      Allure and Macy’s are new subs for me.
      Walmart is a 4x a year for $5 each and gr8 for travel sized necessities.
      It’s about $100 a month for me, but my last trip to Ulta was over $200.
      I am still searching for new subs because it’s fun to get a package in the mail.
      For my husband I do Birchbox Man, Bamboo Supply socks, Underwear Expert and Dollar shave.
      I am not impressed with woman’s Birchbox never tried, though). The Birchbox Man has a lot of nice products but are super small. If my husband likes I buy him full sized. I really want to find a men’s grooming box with nice higher end products that are larger.
      Sorry for the long post.
      San 🙂

      • Granny,
        I have found the best time to get boxes for men are Limited Edition, especially around Father’s Day and Christmas.

        These boxes are often worth 4X times what you pay!

        The Limited edition Father’s Day for BeautyFix was great – you can still see it here at MSA. Plus you get a discount for already being a subscriber.

        Also, there are some excellent grooming boxes from Barney’s, Amazon Men Sample boxes, Nordstrom, ect.

        Often you can also get gifts with purchase from upscale stores that are free if you purchase other items.

        Check out icangwp.com for LOTs of info on one time boxes and gift with purchases 🙂

        • Thank you,
          I will check these out and I appreciate the website. I am going to bookmark the website. I have added a couple more subscriptions. Benevolent, Yuzenbox, Julep and New beauty test tube. Last one I am looking at is Beauty Heroes. I may wait to see how I like the ones that I am on first so I don’t end up with way too many products.

  24. You should also look at Beauty and Bling box. It’s $34.99 a month but comes with more higher end brands of makeup. I’ve gotten MAC, NARS,
    Ofra, Smashbox, and YSL…. all full sized products too.

    • Thank you, looking into these. I’m doing 12 boxes now.

  25. Oooohthank you for this! So many boxes I need!!!!

  26. My favorite Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics isn’t on the list but it’s a winner every month!

  27. I’m surprised that Glossybox did not make the list.

    • Nancyisshopping:
      Glossybox has fallen down quite drastically in quality, quantity and then let us not forget their abysmal Customer Service. I used to subscribe but dropped them when I became insulted by their offerings.

      PS: They were recently sold, so keep an eye open to see if the new company raises their standards.

      • ***CAUTION- SPOILER for SEPT 2017***started subbing to Glossy about a Year ago and it was pretty good. Sept 2017 box consisted of tiny sample of Lancome Genifiqie, 2 tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles, an off color for the new season opi nail laquer Manna kadar Glow highlighter which was the best product by far and i don’t like Manna Kadar. If you go back thru the past boxes, the total for each one is $74.50. When i began my subscription it was well over $150 a month now is half that . I think the $74.50 Is a MAJOR STRETCH. Hopefully they will get it together. I’m in a Facebook page for it specifically and after this past month, i saw well over 500 customers, including myself, cancel.

  28. I agree, I feel like glossybox is missing on the list too. I personally love glossybox most of the time. I’ve been subscribed for a few years and have only had 2 maybe 3 duds.

    • Love glossy hox

      • Love Glossy Box as well

  29. Art of Organics!

  30. Glossy-box for sure! I love getting those pretty pink boxes in the mail! I know many people complain about them, but I’ve always had a great experience with Glossy. For example, I was was forced to move out of state due to a bad domestic situation. I had over 2000 points with them, and just emailed them asking if they could redeem my points for me without me needing to reactivate my account, and they totally did it!
    I now have 2 free boxes for April and May coming to me, and I only have to pay in June to reactivate my account. I’m very thankful they did this for me.

  31. I’ve subscribed to many of these over the past year or so. My favorites are ipsy, Boxycharm, and Beauty Fix.

    Julep was fun at first but it was easy for me to get overloaded quick! I also got discouraged by the fact that consistently I received incorrect orders and/or missing items (seriously, like 1 out of 3 orders has something wrong). I’m a fan of the Julep products but I’m taking a break from them for a quarter or so and hopefully when I return, I’ll be excited about them again.

    One box I recently subscribed to is Glamour Ghoul Box. I haven’t received it yet but would love to see it reviewed here. It’s a really small operation now but the box looks right down my alley (makeup and spooky etsy handmade items).

    • Agree I really liked Julep, even like their cosmetics, but I have more nail polish than I could ever use in a lifetime.

    • Oooh, thank you for mentioning Glamour Ghoul! It sounds like something I’d like too.

  32. Benevolent is definitely one that should have been on the list as well. Best customer service of all the boxes I’ve gotten and the products are always wonderful

    • Agreed.

  33. I am embarrassed to admit how many of those I have been subscribed to at one point. Has to be at least 90%. (Now I am down to two, plus the ones I review for MSA.)

  34. Just when I was trying to budget better. I didn’t realize the Look Fantastic ELLE UK one had free shipping to the US! That might go on my new budget. There are also a couple I haven’t heard of, so I’ll check them out. As much as I love candy, I might have to cancel those subscriptions and stock up at the supermarket the day after Easter so I can buy more beauty!

  35. Which box would you recommend for Skin Care Focus?
    Thank you!

    • Lia, there are several great skin care ones on the list.
      “Natural” / “Organic” – Pearlesque & Beauty Heroes (also Benevolent Beauty – not on the list – has a new skincare box that looks awesome) – these tend to be pricier but worth it IMO.
      “Regular” / “non-natural” – Beauty Fix

      • Thank you for your suggestions, heat7918! I will cancel one of the subs and get one of your recommendations. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Definitely Sisley. They send mostly skincare and it’s fabulous.

      • Hi Kimberly, thank you for your recommendation. I will look into Sisley. Didn’t know they had a sub. 🙂

    • Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box is incredible and would be my first recommendation if you want a skincare focused sub- luxury high quality items, super fast shipping and hands down best customer service. They also carry a lot of their past boxes so if you see one you like you can contact them and find out if it’s still available, or double-up on the current box (I just got the November, December, and January boxes myself)- I also second Pearlesque (very similar to clean beauty box but they focus on a single brand at a time), and Beautyfix is another of my favorite subs that is definitely skincare focused and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. All these subs provide full sizes too which is great when you are all sampled out 🙂

    • BeautyFIX is great for skin care. I’ve ended up buying a lot of their products.

  36. I enjoy target and walmart boxes! New fav luxe Pineapple post!

  37. I do not recommend Allure. I moved a little over a month ago. On the day that my Allure beauty box was supposed to arrive, my mail started forwarding. USPS sent the box back to Allure. I requested a replacement and they said they would send one, but don’t give tracking numbers for replacements. Fine, whatever. I wait 10 business days because apparently that’s how long it takes and still nothing. I message them and they say they’ll send out another free of charge and if the other one comes, I can keep it. Friday was 10 business days since that chat and STILL nothing. I have waited over a month for this box and have NOTHING. They offered me a refund, which I would’ve asked for 20 business days ago if I had known nothing would arrive.

    • With Allure, I have found that calling gets you a much faster resolution than emailing. With any company, I have found that using social media makes them move really quickly too. Companies hate having negative reviews and posts on social media. Post on facebook. If I really just want a resolution and still care about not smearing their reputation, I will message on facebook, but either way, it’s the fastest fix.

      • Yes, I’ve also found that using social media to get a company’s attention quickly.

  38. I think Love Goodly is a fantastic one. I especially love the different charities they donate to each month and Benevolent Beauty has impeccable customer service and the value for both boxes are spot on considering most of the products are full sizes and cruelty free to boot.

    • Agreed about Love Goodly and Benevolent Beauty!

    • I’m a relatively new subscriber to both Benevolent Beauty and Love Goodly and I’m enjoying them both. It makes me feel a bit better spending so much on sub boxes when I at least know some of it is going to charity and “better for me” products! For the same reason, I’m also a big fan of Artisan boxes (GlobeIn and Fair Trade Friday Bracelet of the Month club).

  39. I feel like this list is missing GlossyBox. I have several subs, and, for me, GlossyBox is always a winner. There is no waitlist, and they are so fast. They are always my first box to come in, the packaging is beautiful, and I find several winners in every box. When people ask me which box I recommend, it’s at the top of my list!

    • I also feel like glossybox is missing, and I’m excited to try love goodly next month.

      I ditched birchbox and am going to do the same with allure after April and play, too. After only a couple of months, I’m not feeling play.

      • Michelle… I feel the same! My credit card got skimmed at the gas pump and so alot of my subscriptions got cancelled when a new card number got issued. I just don’t think I’m up for getting into it again with Play or Allure. I did sign up for Boxycharm in their place… just waiting to get off the wait list.

    • I agree that Glossy Box should also be on the list.

    • GlossyBox is always my last to arrive! Still waiting for my March box. I love the sub though.

      • Really?! I’ve read others that have said this. Mine was at my door the very first week of March!

  40. The title of this post gave me anxiety LOL

    • Haha! I was looking at the list I made in 2016 and it started off as only 15 boxes. It is getting harder and harder to limit down a list! 🙂

      • Hah, I can only imagine!

      • Liz…I am so nitpicky lol. It shouldn’t say monthly beauty boxes because you have some great seasonal and bi-monthly options. Sorry…I’m not usually like this. But you do have great choices. I too feel Glossybox should be there, but maybe you haven’t had great experiences? I just started getting Vegan Cuts, both makeup and beauty boxes. Glad to see makeup made it, but I think the beauty box was one of my favorite suprises! It has such a nice mix of products for skin, hair, and makeup. My other recent great surprise was Beautycon! Such a cool box. I feel you on limiting the list. I think, thanks to MSA and then jumping to Youtube to watch unboxing and reviews, I’m up to about 30 beauty subs.

    • Hahaha! I totally agree. Well, it didn’t give me much anxiety, but if my husband saw it, he’d breakout into a sweat 😀

      • LOL I get that! My eyes widened at first glance. But of course, now I want all of them haha

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