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Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box Review

Emily Cosnotti
ByEmily CosnottiJun 29, 2017 | 32 comments

Daily Harvest-003

Daily Harvest
3.2 overall rating
17 Ratings | 6 Reviews

Daily Harvest is a subscription service that delivers ready-to-blend smoothies right to your door. You can choose from 14 different flavors or choose a preselected flavor boxes: Bestsellers, Fresh & Fruity, Greens Incognito, Greens Obsessed, and Rich & Filling. If you need help picking what smoothies you’ll like best, they have a Flavor Quiz to help sort through all the options.

This is a review of the Fresh & Fruity preselected flavor box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Daily Harvest-016 Daily Harvest-024

The Subscription Box: Daily Harvest

LIMITED TIME DEAL: For a limited time, new Daily Harvest subscribers can use coupon code THREEFREE to save 50% off your first Daily Harvest 6 Box! (Regularly $47.94)

The Cost: $47.94 for 6 smoothies a week ($7.99 per smoothie), $89.88 for 12 smoothies a week ($7.49 per smoothie), or $167.76 for 24 smoothies a month ($6.99 per smoothie).

The Products: Vegan, superfood-filled, and ready-to-blend smoothies delivered frozen in perfectly portioned cups.

Ships to: US only

Daily Harvest-014 Daily Harvest-027

The package arrived packed in dry ice. The design on each item in this box is beautifully done. There were three sheets inside of a black envelope, one telling me how to blend my smoothie (you’ll need to provide your own liquid base, but they give you recommendations), a welcome note, and a sheet of magnets.

Daily Harvest-035

Love these fridge magnets!

On to the smoothies:

Daily Harvest-053

Mango + Papaya

This smoothie includes Organic Mango, Papaya, Organic Acerola Cherry, Organic Pineapple, and Macadamia Nut. The recommended blending liquid for this one was coconut water for nice light taste. I wanted a more filling smoothie so I used unsweetened coconut milk and it was lovely. The light, summery, tropical taste of this smoothie was very refreshing.

Daily Harvest-047

Here’s what the ingredients look like before blending.

Daily Harvest-058

Strawberry + Peach

You really can’t go wrong with strawberry and peach together. In addition to organic strawberry and organic peach, this blend includes all organic: banana, raspberry, goji berry, gluten-free oats, and flax seeds. The oats and flax seeds made this more filling and perfect for breakfast. I blended the frozen fruit with unsweetened vanilla coconut milk which worked so well for a strawberry + peaches + cream effect. Yum. I think this is the kind of smoothie everyone would like.

Daily Harvest-043

Frozen peaches and a strawberry peeking out!

Daily Harvest-062

Pineapple + Matcha

Organic pineapple helps sweeten the taste of the organic kale, organic coconut, lime, Japanese matcha green tea, and vanilla bean in this smoothie. I blended it with coconut water for a lighter taste. I could definitely taste the matcha in this smoothie and it was a nice unexpected flavor compared to other green smoothies I’ve had. This smoothie probably isn’t for pickier eaters but if you’re into creative flavor pairings, you’ll like this.

Daily Harvest-040


Daily Harvest-060

Acai + Cherry

This smoothie was delicious. I love cherries and I like to get greens where I can. The Acai + Cherry blend has organic cherry, organic blueberry, organic banana, organic kale, organic raspberry, and organic acai berry. I blended this with unsweetened coconut milk and it was my favorite in the box.

Daily Harvest-050

Cherries, raspberries, and a little bit of kale!

Daily Harvest-056

Watermelon + Cucumber

This was a super light, hydrating smoothie with water-based fruits watermelon and cucumber. In addition to watermelon and organic cucumber, this smoothie had organic raspberry, organic seabuckthorn, organic coconut water, chia seed, and lime. I have to admit that watermelon and cucumber are not favorites of mine so this smoothie was a miss for me. I think this would be a great summery smoothie for anyone into watermelon and cucumber.

Daily Harvest-045

Lots of ice on the watermelon.

Daily Harvest-063

Blueberry + Hemp

This is the only smoothie in the Fresh & Fruity box that included a protein powder. I could definitely taste the hemp powder and noticed a slightly gritty texture. In addition to the hemp protein, this smoothie contains organic blueberries, organic spinach, organic kale, raw walnuts, golden figs, and organic ginger. When tasting this smoothie, each flavor came through on it’s own and I definitely noticed the ginger followed by the hemp protein at the end. This wasn’t a favorite but I appreciated the complex and new flavors.

Daily Harvest-049

So many blueberries.

Verdict: These are not cheap smoothies, but the service is more for the convenience and the quality of the ingredients. My husband and I drink smoothies for breakfast every morning and often for lunch as well, so this is perfect for us. I like that the cups that the ingredients come in can be used to drink out of as well – the black plastic lids have a pre-scored area for a straw to fit through. I recommend this for anyone stuck in a smoothie rut and interested in trying some unexpected and thoughtful flavor combinations with top-notch ingredients. I’m excited to try the Rich & Filling box next!

Daily Harvest is a healthy prepared food subscription service that delivers you pre-portioned, superfood smoothies, soups, snacks and beyond. All of their food is plant-based, and you get to pick exactly which items show up in each box. It all comes prepared so you can eat quickly with minimal cooki... read more.
Emily Cosnotti
Emily Cosnotti
Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She's really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

Emily Cosnotti
Emily Cosnotti
Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She's really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.
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Skipped my subscription for this week and then decided to “pause” my entire subscription so I wouldn’t have to worry about pausing each week. Got an email yesterday that my shipment was on the way!? – After it had been skipped and then also paused. I immediately emailed them and have not heard back. I will go to my bank tomorrow and see if I can do anything from that end if I don’t hear back. I was planning on resuming my subscription at some point, but not after this. By the way, I had skipped this week in plenty of time. It actually said I had until March 31 to respond to the next week.


I know this post is older but I recommend Splendid Spoon. I’ve been using them for a few months and I love them plus the healthy results I’m getting from them. I was so tempted to switch to Daily Harvest but I searched for reviews first. So glad I did. Every newer review is almost negative.


The worst, don’t get involved.
Product is bad, service is bad and customer service is the worst.

Elizabeth Hedley

Don’t do it!

Terrible customer service, bad products. Don’t waste your money.
BTW, they will continue to charge you even when you cancel your order, you have to submit a written review before they official cancel and they will not refund your money, no matter what. They won’t be in business long.

There are so many other companies doing the same thing that are a million times better, fresher and healthier.


What is another company doing a similar thing that you would recommend? I’m thinking smoothie-specific, fresh ingredients (not powders), delivery? I’m interested in the concept but it seems like NO ONE is happy with their customer service.


I don’t know of any companies shipping smoothies. For $7-8 per smoothie though, it’s not worth their horrible service when there are so many smoothie places these days. Also – the containers are pretty crappy. I never felt they held up well taking them from my office to work, the paper gets soggy. The company has the worst service and could care less about the customers so I happily give my business to other establishments :-). Now I have a snack delivery service (Graze) which although are not smoothies, they have so many healthy snack options. I’d rather make my own smoothies or go to a store than give Daily Harvest any business.

Julie Arendarczyk

Some of the smoothies are good, soups are bland and the new sundaes are like eating dirt. Poor quality control led me to contact customer service, which was horrible. For such an expensive product, they need to stand by it and give refunds or exchange if qualify issues are found…they don’t. Needless to say, I cancelled and suggest to anyone who values customer experience do not do business with this company.


Completely agree. Customer service is ABYSMAL.




I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now and really enjoy it so far and haven’t had any problems w customer service. The smoothies are mostly really delicious-there were a few that weren’t really my taste but I’ve been able to find others that I like (mint and cacao is really good and I also like the Apple/Greens and I’ve found the chocolate blueberry is really tasty as well. Overall I’m really quite happy with this-it’s been a great way to consumer more fruits and veggies and it’s all organic which I love


I just tried this and am now obsessed! The mint and cacao one was awesome and tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I also gave some of these to my kids and the loved them despite the fact there are alot of veggies in here. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey but if i go to the store to buy an organic smoothie it’ll cost me $10 so this is actually a pretty good deal. Overall pretty happy.

Donnie Moore

I made the mistake of trying Daily Harvest and now I’m posting this in an effort to help others save their money. Have you noticed that the Daily Harvest’s Facebook page is missing the Reviews section? There’s good reason for that…

My wife and I decided to give their service a shot. We selected 5 smoothies and a soup. Out of the 5 smoothies, 4 of them were bland at best with the Blueberry Hemp being outright awful. The serving sizes are on the smaller side especially considering the price. They come in “convenient” cups that seem more wasteful than anything and end up soggy and weak almost immediately after adding your milk/juice/water.

The soup was the real let down however. I was floored by the incredibly high sodium content. Unfortunately that discovery was made after my wife came down with a headache shortly after eating it. All of this food is supposed to be healthy and fresh but don’t be fooled! Try finding the actual nutritional value on their website. You have to jump through several hoops and clicks for that information. Once you find it, the info is misleading. The Mushroom + Miso soup states 670mg but look closer… that’s for half of their already small serving size! That is absolutely absurd!

“No commitment. Flexible frequency. Skip or cancel anytime.”

That quote is directly from their homepage and I’m here to tell you that it’s a blatant lie! Due to their once a week shipping schedule the flexible frequency is questionable at best. We had to make our selections for the following week before we had even tasted our first order!? You can technically pause a week but you have to do it before their bizarre cut off times. Silly naive us, we were optimistic about what had just received but yet to try so we gleefully selected 6 new flavors to beat their cut-off time. Sadly that hope was smashed when we both tried our first smoothies. We immediately regretted that second order.

Which brings me to the final part of this REVIEW. The bold-faced like that states “cancel anytime”. Their website says you have to e-mail to cancel but if you dig around you can find a cancel subscription option. HOWEVER, their bizarre shipping and billing schedule caused us to get stuck with at 3rd shipment that we didn’t want! We tried contacting customer support and they politely told us to bugger off. To make matters worse, they defaulted back to our selections from our first order rather than the most recent one. The whole system is flawed. They don’t even send a reminder to make your next selection and if you forget or simply can’t get to it in their little window of opportunity, then you’re stuck with receiving your first order all over again. Why don’t they send a reminder to make a selection? I’m guessing that they’re afraid people will see the reminder and think “oh right, I need to cancel this”

Despite the high price, we had high hopes for this service. Sadly I now find myself out more money than expected and trying to help prevent you from making the same mistake that we did by trying Daily Harvest.


Thank you for posting this! You saved me money and such a huge hassle! I was on the fence, unsure if I should try them or just make my own smoothies. Homemade smoothies, coming up! Thanks again, lifesaver!


Completely agree! They blast emails ALL THE TIME but fail to send a reminder email that your auto shipment is coming up and you have to make changes by a certain date. Therefore, if you happen to be a busy mom with kids and running a business, and you forget about your shipment in the middle of moving and don’t have your freezer, well you just end up with the email that it’s already been packaged and you can’t hold the order. Yeah! It just feels gimmicky to me, like they are banking (literally) on people forgetting to make any changes and securing the sale. If you’re already blasting emails all the time, why can’t you send a simple reminder email? Such a scam.


Thank you for your honesty, I was going to try the smoothies. I will save my money and continue to make my own.


I had a horrible experience with Daily Harvest and have been looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I did the monthly subscription for about 3-4 months and thought it was the best thing ever until one day I was drinking a Cacao + Avocado smoothie and noticed it was really grainy. I got a particularly large chunk of something and tried to bite down on it and it was hard as a rock. I poured out the smoothie and tried to filter it out and ending up finding at least 20 little crystallized rock-like particles that could have easily broken a tooth. I contacted customer service and they gave me a partial refund for the cup and apologized profusely. I was satisfied with their response and felt assured that it wouldn’t happen again.

A few weeks later I blended a different smoothie from a different delivery — it was Bluberry Chocolate. This time I found more rock like particles like before. When I brought it to their attention this time they insisted it was a date pit or an avocado pit. I even sent them pictures to show it was a “crystal like” substance– definitely not a date or avocado pit. At that point I decided just to cancel my subscription, but a box was already in transit so I was stuck with a freezer full of these things.

I didn’t make anymore of them for a few weeks but finally decided that it was wasteful not to since they’re so expensive. I actually considered re subscribing after having a few really good smoothies. However, yesterday I blended a Mango + Papaya smoothie and had the worst experience yet. As soon as I poured the smoothie into the cup i smelled this horrible burnt rubber/oil/fuel type smell. It didn’t even cross my mind that it would be the smoothie– I thought maybe one of my appliances in the kitchen was malfunctioning or that I had burnt the motor in the disposal. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary so I just decided to figure it out later as I had to get to work. As I was walking out of the door i took a quick sip and swallowed some of the smoothie. It was the most GOD-AWFUL, UNNATURAL taste I have EVER put in my mouth. I don’t know how to describe it because I have never tasted motor oil or anything of the sort but that is what I would guess it tastes like. I checked my blender thinking maybe it had been overworked or something but it was perfectly fine. I have NO IDEA what could have possibly been in that smoothie but it was horrible.

I have emailed them again and even offered to send in the cup with residue from the smoothie to see if they can identify what it is. So far all they have said is sorry and asked for the expiration date. Well just so you know it is 7/12/17 today and the expiration date on that smoothie was 10/01/2017, so it’s not past due. And if you’re wondering, the almond milk I put in the smoothie does not expire until late August so it’s not that either.

After having three terrible experiences with their company I find it really hard to believe that there aren’t others who have had similar experiences. But I too noticed that they removed the review section on facebook. I’m embarrassed that I ever recommended this company to friends.


Wow, thanks for the detailed and honest review. I was considering trying this since my schedule is awful; I switch from days to nights and weekends – difficult to grocery shop, sometimes. I’m glad I did some research before biting the bullet.

Vickie Smith

I can’t seem to find a way to contact customer service via the Daily Harvest website & need to cancel &/or modify an order ASAP before it is shipped. Can you help with this?


WORST Customer service!!!! Do not buy.


Spend more time on customer service and less on Instagram. Looks like they SUDDENLY remembered Thanksgiving. Sent a spam email with only 2 days notice that delivery AND cut-off date are now one day earlier. Couldn’t even locate this week’s order online to cancel it. No one responding to numerous emails and phone calls. Won’t be at delivery address. RIDICULOUS service levels for the price of subscription.

Robert Cuevas

I tried to reach out to this company to place a delivery on hold since I am leaving on vacation and their website is not working and all I get is a voicemail. I left a message and have not heard back. Beware of this company.


I’ve also had similarly bad customer service. Shame for a company that charges so much and spends so much attention to their image.


All of these look delicious.


Love the idea, but the price – ouch!! Especially since it doesn’t include the liquid base.


I love the idea but holy cow that is expensive!


Those smoothies look delicious, Emily!

Emily Cosnotti

Thank you! They blend into such pretty colors.


I’ve been getting this smoothie box for a couple of months now and love it. Great review!

Emily Cosnotti

Nice! Do you have any favorite smoothie flavors so far?


These pictures are on-point! I’m drooling. I think this box is for me!


I just received my first box today actually! I was glad to see you reviewed a lot of the ones I did not receive so I have a better idea if I want to order those flavors next time!


I would probably like all these, but I blend my own smoothies every morning with stuff I bought from Whole Foods and Amazon and got from subscription boxes. I would guess each one comes out to maybe $2.5-$3 on average?

(I use almond milk, protein powder — usually whey, so not vegan I guess — PB2, cacao, matcha, greens powder, and frozen berries.)

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.