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Allure Beauty Box March 2018 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the full spoilers for the March 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

Also in the box but not pictured:

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Cream Lipstick C211 -1.4 grams


What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the February Box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Finally got my email last night about the foundation choice. I’ve gotten the sample before from another sub in dark sand, and am happy to get another as I don’t spend a lot on foundation.

  2. So…does this mean we are getting the 6 items pictured plus the lipstick, for a total of 7 items? Or will there be variations? For 7 items, I think the box would be worth the $15. I use the Simple Micellar water on cotton pads all the time. The wipes will be nice and convenient, though I’ll still buy the water when I run out. Other than that, having such a small sample size for both the Laneige and the Foundation is disappointing. The Eyeko is ok, but I don’t really need it. The dry shampoo will get used, but I don’t absolutely need it either. Having the lipstick, even in a sample size, will make me feel like the box is worth it. Without it, I’ll be a bit disappointed.

    Oh, on another note, I saw someone complain about the CEO Vitamin C serum breaking them out. I saw a video on Youtube (Stephanie Nicole, I think) where she talked about first starting to use Vitamin C. She said Vitamin C will make you go through a purging cycle no matter what type or brand you use. But eventually, it should clear up and you’ll start reaping the benefits of it. I was having a bad rosacea flare up when I started using the CEO (along with my tea tree serum) and so I guess I didn’t pay attention to breakouts as I expected them anyway. But now, I’m still using the CEO and my face looks a lot better. I’m happy with it, but due to the price, I will look for something cheaper when it runs out. Probably Cosrx, but I’ll keep it in the fridge as it supposedly breaks down quickly.

    • I tried the only Henriksen truth vitamin C serum and then the CEO and then a couple of hours later in the skin still lived okay and I was trying to see how they would absorb so I tried the sample size good genes that I had gotten on a bidding website cheap and an hour after the last thing which was good genes my face broke out terribly especially under my chin and on my chin so I’m not sure which item did it and I dread going through the process with one item at a time to figure it out and go through this again because it’s been a week and my face is still broken out and I’ve used salicylic acid and tea tree oil everyday. Oh, I think that we are only getting one lipstick in the Allure because they never threw an extra in.

    • I would just Google it before you keep that in the refrigerator because like with prescription medicines stable vitamin C can rent in hot or cold climates breakdown and that is one of the main ingredients in it so it may be kept best at room temperature. I would hate for you to have it go bad on you early so you may want to look it up. Have a good day

  3. I still haven’t received an email for my choice of concealer, nor did they ever reply to my email. Should I be concerned.

    Has anyone else received their February box? I didn’t get a shipping confirmation email for that either.
    I’m starting to get a bit worried about Allure…

    • I would call Sephora headquarters in let them know because they show my box as having shipped but I do not have it yet and they did send me an e-mail awhile back at least a couple of weeks ago asking about my concealer shade so I think you should call them. If nothing else and it’s too late they should give you a refund for the Box.

      • Sorry I meant you should call Allure if they have not emailed you yet, not Sephora if you don’t expect an email from them because I think it was a litter that emailed me as well not Sephora.

    • I still have not received my email, shipping confirmation or Feb Box!

      • I haven’t received any email regarding color of foundation or a shipping confirmation for my February box either

        • I have not gotten my box and I don’t remember if I got an email about my color I know I did from someone but I think it was from Birchbox. I don’t have my Sephora box but I logged into my account and looked under my profile and then clicked on orders and it showed that my last order has shipped so it must be on the way. That is how you can go and check on yours also.

    • I got an email from them about the concealer last Monday and another email a few days later with February’s tracking info. I’m in Washington state.. Hopefully you get something from them soon!

  4. So first people were mad about the Laneige because they claimed you can buy it cheap at target (no, you cant. Not for several years) and now people are mad that it’s not full size. Smh there is NO pleasing people these days.

    • I loved the Allure January box. The Feb Allure box was ok but I am excited for this box. I love getting makeup wipes and getting Oribe even in a smaller size is fine for me. I used to love getting boxycharm and I understand people don’t want nude shades all of the times, but the colors in Boxycharm are just not realistic for me even if I was 20 or 30. And after discovering Laneige through the target boxes (although I can’t get it from Target now) I love Laneige anything.

  5. I didn’t receive the Sunday Riley so they are sending a full size To Cool for School 5 in one moisturizer. I was upset but that product is a tried and true favorite for me so I’m going to let it slide this time but they are walking a tightrope with me right now.

    • Oooooh no that would have killed it for me. Sorry to hear 🙁

  6. I still don’t know about this box… I really do not want it not do I want to spend $16.48 on it. Even though we get a choice of 4 shades for the foundation, it’s still not going to work. That’s the same shade of lipstick just in a different form. I think I’ve already gotten that same exact crappy liquid eyeliner from every other sub over a year ago… Way late on this & I don’t know anyone that wants it or the 2 makeup forever items. Disappointed in the size of the Laneige and the only full size product is something I can pick up at Walmart for $4-$5. I’m just not feeling this box at all. How easy is it to cancel and then resub? Any advice on what dates to do so I don’t end up getting this box?

    • You have to wait until April 1st if you don’t want this box in March. Or if they sell out and you are told that they would be sending March box in its place….so yeah, if I am wrong someone correct me.

      • Let me tell you I use those simple micellar water wipes and they don’t leave anything on your face or have any other ingredients except for micellar water basically and I absolutely love them and the full pack is at Walmart where I buy mine for about six or seven dollars but if you don’t want the box you can go online to your Allure subscription and try to cancel and you should be able to see if they have already shipped out your last box or not because when I first subscribed for Allure they sent it 2 weeks after I paid for it and I paid for it the same month I got my first box so I think it depends on when the billing is done and if they have already shipped out your box yet.

      • Isn’t the Allure box a $10 box? I thought the only boxes I had that we’re fifteen dollars are the Macy and the dermstore Durham store which I absolutely love because they are both heavy on skincare more than make up.

    • Send them an email that you want to cancel and they should send you the offer of 4 boxes for $10. I decided to cancel even at the $10 bc this is just not for me and I’m on overload but if that would help you feel better about getting the box then try that out.

      • Thank you for the tip about emailing them to get 4 boxes for $10 because I would love that. Are you sure about that is it something standard they do? Or something someone there may have just done to get a good review back from you? Thank you

        • I’m not sure if it is standard (obviously not if others did not get that response). I canceled twice in the last few months via email and got the offer both times. Just politely say hello I would like to cancel my subscription, please let me know if you need additional info to process this. If they don’t offer you can always say that you heard about the offer and if that is available to you. Never hurts to ask!

          • They may have gotten so many people signing up for this month or last month when they had the full size CEO that they aren’t doing the offer but I will try sending an email and not just cancelled through my online like I did before. Thanks for the tip!

        • I did not get the $10 offer when I canceled and ended up calling a couple weeks ago to ask why I didn’t get the offer when so many other people were getting it. They told me they ended that promotion and aren’t offering the $10 for 4 months anymore. I don’t know if it just depends on who processes your cancelation/answers your call, or if they really ended the promo, but I couldn’t get it.

          • I am guessing that so many people signed up for the CEO that was full-sized that they don’t need to make the offers good anymore and that’s probably why they quit the promotion.

      • That’s so weird. They aren’t very consistent. I emailed them to cancel and just receiced this reply:

        Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.

        Our records show that you were just charged for the February box.

        If you would like to keep the current box, but cancel all future orders, please let us know after you receive the box we are currently preparing for shipment.

        There was no offer for a discount or anything. Isn’t it strange I can’t cancel my account now???

        • You should be able to sign in online and cancel your subscription Yourself by clicking on it under where it says subscribed you should be able to click cancel and it should cancel it then and not charge any more boxes as long as you are a couple days past the point where they have just charged you. That’s one thing I thought before because I dropped them before because it was too much makeup and not enough skincare and I wear bareMinerals so the makeup really does nothing for me I can’t use it. And when I went and cancelled I got that same message and no offer four four boxes for $10 it was just canceled me and I got maybe one more box that have probably already been charged to my account and then nothing else and I resubscribed so I could get the Sunday Riley CEO which unfortunately I tried the same day as old Henriksen truth vitamin C serum and the Sunday Riley many lactic acid good genes that I had gotten in a box because I wanted to see how they absorbed and they broke my face out terribly using all three in one day and I am still dealing with breakouts that are horrible on my jawline I guess where my face is not used to having product there. I’ve been treating it with tea tree oil and salicylic acid and adjust a lot of 100% pure tea tree oil and it has helped to a degree but only about 50% and I have one huge red zit coming up on my chin that nothing is helping. If anyone knows how to treat a breakout caused by products please let me know. I tried the out of trouble 10-minute Origins mask on a spot treatment and it has sulfur which is supposed to help but it did not help and the eradicate did not help and I tried the Glam glow clearing treatment and it burned immediately so I took it right off.

          • Thank you! I just went into my account to do what you said and now there is no info under my account at all. But I looked everywhere for a cancel button before. Isn’t it weird they didn’t offer us a deal? I guess I’ll email them again to confirm it was canceled. I hope I get the February box I paid for. Has it shipped?

            I had the exact same thing happen with me!! I never break out. I started using the Sunday riley serum and my face started breaking out. All over my chin. I had started using the water cream right before that. I thought I was going to like it too so I had swapped for 2 more. So bummed out. But my face is just now clearing up. It’s taken 6 weeks. I had to go to my dermatologist to get something. It was horrible.

          • I’m not sure when it ships but it makes you so if you look at your history for last month but it did

          • That’s what is so weird. I have no history or anything anymore under my account. I guess I’ll have to email them! Thank you so much for your help!

          • Ur welcome!

          • You know when you sign into Sephora you can’t use the app, you just have to go to the regular website and then click profile then it should list your orders and under the item number the last three numbers in the item number are the Box you should get so maybe you can try clicking on your profile or else you may not see it.

          • They aren’t offering the $10 for 4 months deal anymore.

      • I was going to cancel before I got my first box and they offered 4 for $10 and I decided to stay, glad I did , loved the Feb box and saved $15 can’t beat that

        • I just emailed them and said I was thinking of canceling and they gave me a really Bland reply with no offers and asked if I needed to respond to send the link back so I did and told them I was getting too many of the same thing and that I never realized it was $15 because I always thought it was 10 since that’s what the first box cost and I am hoping they will make me an offer. Otherwise I may drop them and if I had another $15 go to new Beauty test tube. Full sizes! But really $40 almost

    • I believe you can find out when they bill in ship in their facts section on their website.

      • I was charged $10 plus tax or shipping until last month when it went up $6. I contacted customer service thru the website and asked for my sub to be cancelled due to it being so high. They emailed me back the next day and offered 4 months at $10 so I kept it. Glad I did too because I got the Aerin perfume kit in Feb’s box. Seems like it’s better to email them first before straight out canceling on the site. Hope that helps.

        • I just sent them an email. Told them that I took was not made aware of the processing priest and I’m thinking of canceling due to the higher cost and lack of products that bit me. Thank you for the tip, we will see what happens. Can someone tell me also have to find out where the other number is at on the Sephora website for my playbooks question number I need to know which box I have and I found it before but cannot now. And I do want to swap for someone that has the two pink lipsticks in theirs and the PTR peeling gel.

  7. I was really hoping the Laneige would be full sized…’s still only $25 full sized. I love it and use it twice a week so I was thrilled thinking we were getting a whole one, not 1/7th of one. Boo. I know the email said sizes may be different, but the initial email showed the full sized product.

    I agree with everyone about Boxycharm. I am 45 and cannot go about my life disguised as an again irredescent unicorn. Sadly, I may cancel both. Maybe I will use all the Boxycharm products tonight and scare the crap out of my poor husband?

    Last months Sunday Riley turned out to be the best product ever for evening out my skin tone. I have gotten compliments from everyone, even my surgeon who never says anything personal! Now I am hooked on a product I cannot afford!! Not sure if that’s good or bad?

    • Aimee: your comments about scaring the crap out of your husband by looking like an iridescent unicorn literally made me laugh out loud! Thanks! I needed a good chuckle.

      • Cancelled boxy this morning, I was SO disappointed with my box. Will not use one thing except for maybe the brushes?? Lol. Came on here to see if I was alone in my annoyance and I’m so glad to find I’m not! 😇

    • Ha ha ha. I quit Ipsy and Birchbox for the same reason. At 57, black eyeliner, glitter, shimmer aren’t a good look on me. And red and hot pink lipsticks never were. Thanks for the chuckle.

      • I’m going to quit boxycharm and start beautyfix. Skincare based.

        • I have 5 Beauty Box subscriptions and I can tell you that the heaviest on skincare or the dermstore beautyfix and Macy’s and they are both $15 boxes I believe but they are my favorites because the Macy’s Box is always good and the dermstore is usually pretty good too and the other subscriptions I have to Allure and Sephora and Birchbox usually have a lot of similar items like in the last 2 months I got three different brands of the exact same shade of lipstick, and even though the lipstick color works for me I do not need three nor do I need tons of mascara or tons of eyeliner or tons of bright red lipstick which is getting annoying. You will do good with skinfix and I recommend Macy’s also. Macy’s does have a waiting list sometimes though

          • I really like Macy’s box too. With the $5.00 off & free shipping with beauty products. You could just buy one item get the 5 off & free shipping .

          • I knew that it was $5 off and Macy’s Beauty purchase but that you could not use it on a beauty box but I did not realize it came with free shipping as well. Thank you for pointing that out.

      • Can someone tell me what exactly is the beauty glitter that Boxy charm included in their box? I am picturing arts and crafts in elementary school but what is this glitter stuff? I am not being sarcastic I just want to be educated on this “beauty trend.” I pray it is not for the eyes since I am thinking about getting contacts…

        • I did not get boxycharm but I have been getting tons of highlighters in my other boxes and that’s probably what it is because when summer comes around or really any time of the year when your skin may be dull like the winter they like to flood you with highlighters and some of them can be quite glittery and ridiculous but Sephora has some good ones that are expensive that I wish they would send samples of and I have found that it’s best to get the lightest Shades they have like there is a really good one on wish which is a website where you can get beauty products very cheap and a lot of them are from Korea and hourglass makes one that is okay but some of the best ones are made by bareMinerals and others that are very neutral and light-colored and there is one that came in a box and the color was Moonstone and they sell it at Sephora and the color I like is vanilla quartz because it will give you more of a light color instead of a gold glitter.

      • Laurie, I’m 59 and am looking for a good beauty box. Do you have recommendations? I am neither a sparkly unicorn nor a mermaid!

    • You are not alone. Boxy is great in theory with 5 full-size items, but a huge fail in practice if you are basically over 30. I’m 53 and have zero desire to use makeup that makes me look like I’m ready to run away & join the carnie. All that glitter & severe contouring looks comical and severe on anyone over 20-something. I’ve emailed them about this and they say they are “considering adding a feature that allows us to tell Boxycharm about ourselves so boxes can reflect our style”. Until then, I feel like I’m wasting $22 a month.

      • Suzanne and SusanToo- I am 58 and I feel you, sisters! There are lots of older women who wear glittler, sparkles and rainbows on their faces and love it and feel great. More power to them, but that’s not me. I can handle a soft shimmer but that’s it. I’ve never purchased Boxy, and thanks to the wise advise here on this site, I’m not tempted. I lived through Disco once and have no need to do it again.

        • If you want a good highlighter go on Sephora website and type in your skincare number if you know what it is like I am pretty light skinned and I am a one y05 and it will pull up highlighters in the best shades for your skin so if you want something very subtle you can try using my number and just type it in and then type highlighters after that and do a search and Becca is very popular for their vanilla quartz or opal highlighter is which are much lighter and not as obvious as some of the darker gold shimmery shades. Also, you can get vanilla Quartz in half size for $19.99.

  8. Has anyone else not received the email about picking your foundation shade?

    • I haven’t yet. Hope is comes soon though!

    • I have not, but a coworker who subscribed at the same did.

    • I have not received a email. Even checked junk mail and spam.

    • Mine came through in my promotion folder in email…you might want to check there

    • I got mine today.

    • I.have not received one either?

    • I have not

    • I didn’t even know one was sent out! Did an allure search in my email just now and it was there somewhere so I was able to choose amd send it back.

      • I received one, but it was wierd since I’d written them to cancel over a week ago. Sure enough, my account is still active! I removed the payment info so hopefully that will stop them from charging.

        I do want the foundation – not enough to keep paying $15 a month though when a lot of products I either won’t use or they are sample sized.

    • I had to search my email for it but it was there.

  9. Another solid box from Allure! I’ll use everything in the box except the liquid eyeliner. I don’t use liquid or black eyeliners. I know I’m in the minority about that. I keep giving the black eyeliners to my friends. 🙂

    • I agree! No black or liquid eyeliners for my light eyes. I seem to get them in every box. My friends and coworkers don’t mind…

    • Nope I don’t use eyeliner either and black uugghhh. I’ve gotten this exact one from allure recently too.
      Every brand you can think of.

  10. I don’t use liquid liner, but the rest of the box is a hit for me. Yay! Can’t wait

  11. Allure has curated another solid beauty box. I’ve been happy with them for months, now.

  12. I’m disappointed in the lipstick shade, but you can’t win them all. The C211 is Rosewood, which Allure just sent out the liquid version of in January. I know that it’s supposed to be a universal mauve/nude, but pulls purple/grey on me. Oh well….

    • I have the C211 lipstick & I like it. I also received the liquid version in the Allure box. It looks really bad on me. It also pulls more of a purple/grey. I tossed it.

    • It makes me look like a corpse. It’s awful. But I have yet to find a nude that isn’t.

    • I agree about the lipstick that was not good on me. It looked grey brown bluish icky. Ithe looked OK swatched, but I’m bummed out this is the same color.

  13. Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner is the best, Love everything about this box! If I sign up now is this the box?

  14. That eyeko liner is tired (and not good) The rest is great. Love 2 makeup forever products!

    • Eyeko liner (and mascara) are some of the very first products I got from Birchbox.

      Five years ago.

      • Lol. True

      • Emma, EXACTLY!! Not only do I not want another black liner, but I have gotten one every month since I can remember. And yep, Eyeko from Birchbox YEARS ago. Sigh. I feel like boxes are letting me down!

  15. Oh, goody, another black liquid eyeliner I won’t use.

  16. YES! Another fun box! …always wanted to try Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner and Oribe Hairspray. Its so awesome we get to pick our shade of foundation…and full-size micellar wipes and a travel sunscreen will be so useful. And a water mask from Laniege sounds lovely. A total of 7 items this month! YAY!

  17. Lol! Cancelling my subscription SOOO fast

    • Mood! I’m on the fence, but pretty close. Not one thing in this box is worth getting for me 😔

  18. I have already received the eyeko eyeliner in my January box……em……

    • I got it one of my Allure beauty boxes in the last two years… I rarely wear black eyeliner and certainly not liquid black. I use it on my daughter for dance performances. It is a good one. This box is half repeats for me (not from Allure), but most of it is useful products so I guess that is plus.

    • I did too. :/

    • Have you tried your Eyeko Liner yet? Do you like it?

  19. Oh its a small foundation. Oh well, thats okay. I was hoping i wouldn’t be stuck with a bigger bottle if the colour I picked didnt work for me. I’ll actually get more use out of a full size wipes, anyways.

    I still think Allure boxes are decent for the price.

  20. It’s not the most exciting box ever but it’s decent. I won’t use the Oribe or the sunscreen, but I still can use everything else. Everyone’s got their favorite sub and the one that works for them and so far, since I’ve resubbed months ago, Allure is working for me. At least, it’s working far better for me than Boxycharm, whom apparently thinks that everyone wants to look like a disco ball all the time.

    • I agree. I also sub to boxycharm and these palettes with these loud colors – they must think we are all 20 year olds going clubbing every night.

      • I’ve only been subbing to boxycharm a short while but I can already tell that I need to cancel. I’m 31, work for the government and do not club. So much of their what’s sent is a no go. I have no idea what to do with the Cover FX stuff and I was beyond happy to get the empty Orfa palette this month.

        • I am 53 and I canceled Boxycharm as soon as I got the glitter in my box yesterday.
          I will use everything in this box except the eyeliner.

        • Emma~ EXACTLY! I sent a cancellation email after Boxy came yesterday. Nothing about that box was worth it, I was so annoyed. Usually I’m excited about at least one product but not this time 😩😕

      • Right! Whatever I don’t use I either give to my younger sister or my 21yr old daughter.

  21. I’m excited about the Simple wipes, I always need makeup removing wipes, keeps me from buying them! I hope the foundation comes a little close to matching me, but I doubt it since I’m so pale.

    • They did send an email out to pick a shade, mine went to a promotions folder. The choices are very sad though. I chose the lightest shade because I’m a pale princess lol. Hope it does work out!

      • I don’t know if you’ve ever done Sephora’s Color IQ thing but the lightest shade in our Allure options for the MUFE foundation is the shade equivalent for 3Y02, so it’s pretty light.

  22. It says in the small print either the Eyeko eyeliner or mascara. I am pretty happy with this box. Yesterday I received the email to pick my shade and chose dark sand. Can’t wait to get it!

    • Oooo LOVE their mascara, heres hoping.

      • I’m using black magic right now and love it, I hope I get the mascara!

  23. I think if anyone you s expecting every month to be like January, they are bound to be disappointed

    • I totally agree Erica! I look back and think of when they included the Foreo Play, which has now been included in much more expensive boxes (i.e. PS LE), and there were a lot of unhappy people then and afterwards. I am just happy that the spoilers are coming out so early. It hasn’t always been that way, and what other boxes are already giving FULL spoilers for March right now? I had the ability to come in and get the Dec box so I could guarantee I would get the Jan box and then I canceled. I am actually amazed that I didn’t read or hear about a lot of new subscribers not getting the Sunday Riley. Allure has stepped up and improved since the Foreo Play box imo.

    • I shouldn’t have sounded like I expect every box to be as nice as the January box with the Sunday Riley:) That’s misleading on my part. I just think that the value compared to boxycharm and ipsy doesn’t seem to be as great. The samples are super small and the only full size product are wipes you can get at target or I think Walmart for $6. Just not as high end as I expected coming from Allure.

      • You’re right, this box isn’t very high end. But it’s because of boxes like January’s and the Foreo one (a summer ago? two summers ago?) that I stick with them. They always redeem themselves for the so-so boxes and go above and beyond once or twice a year. Totally worth it.

  24. Assuming the eyeliner is a travel size worth $12 this box comes to about $44 in value. I really don’t think that’s really awesome compared to other boxes that cost $15. I have one more month left and if it doesn’t get better I’ll probably cancel.

  25. I got an email to pick up the HD foundation’s shade, I thought we will have a full size… Kinda disappointed, but I don’t want to cancel and resign back in since their customer service is super slow…

  26. The Eyeko eye liner is one of my favorites

  27. Allure this is so boring! I’m still on the $10 per box and don’t know if I want it!

  28. These are the smallest samples ever! Boo. Was super happy about the products, but these are super tiny.

  29. I know this is going to sound obsessive but I calculated the price of everything we are getting by size. The only thing we are getting full size are wipes that are $5.99. The rest are teeny tiny samples. I’m pretty sure the packaging cost more than the products. This box is worth $30.14. When I get over $100 from boxycharm for $20 and $60 from ipsy (not even counting a cute bag) for $10, this is not worth $15. I signed up for the Sunday riley serum. I thought this was going to be a great sub. Disappointed it’s not. Time to cancel:(

    • Can they do this? Their website states “Allure’s monthly beauty box offers top-trending, editor-tested makeup and beauty picks with a $50-$90 value for only $15” $30 is barely over half of the minimum stated. This box looks a lot like Play! but for $5 bucks more:/

    • I have ipsy for while. I have never received anything worth $60 from ipsy only sample size in my bag.

      • $60 is the value she calculated based on those sample sizes.

      • I added all my items this month and received $62 worth. A makeup brush($24), nail polish($15) lip scrub($7), eye shadow palette($13),hair conditioner ($3)= $62. Of course, that’s not every month. But it’s usually well over $30-40 with a cute bag for $10. But everyone’s perceived value is different. Just depends on what you’ll use. And ipsy has never had a anything close to full size SR serum or foreo play!Trust me I’ve gotten frustrated with those boxes because of all the variations and sometimes feeling like a second class citizen. Just not worth $15 to me personally:)

    • Not every month can be like January. While the stuff is a bit boring, it’s all useful and they’re staples for someone. Allure is dependable, by which I mean that the majority of the samples are pretty much always useful. I find that to be a good thing.

  30. Solid box! I’ve always loved Allure (got rid of a LOT of subs over the past year – no regrets keeping Allure), but lately, they’ve been knowing it out the park!

    Can’t wait for this one. Funny, cause nothing really new to me, but everything will be used.

    Most looking forward to the sunscreen & eyeliner.

    • So much this! Allure has become my favorite because it’s so dependable. It’s not always something super exciting, but I’ll use 4 out of 5 products in each box happily.

      It’s nice to have that when another box drops the ball or is a complete dud (looking at you, Boxycharm…)

      • One more comment and then I’ll shut up I promise haha! I totally agree with comments re: boxycharm lately. They are starting to go downhill with product curation and themes. Everything is glitter and luminous. Plus, as I stated earlier, all the variations aggravate me. I really wanted the Seraphine lip and of course didn’t get. I always seem to get the variations I least want. That’s why I quit glossybox. The problems seemed to start with the LE fiasco and have slowly been deteriorating. Disco Ball lmao!!

        • I did three months with Boxycharm and I cancelled minutes after opening my February box today.

          I knew that “Galaxy Glow” wasn’t going to be for me (in my late 20’s, not a fan of holographic anything) but I was expecting at least one item to be usable. January, I didn’t feel the palettes but am using the Dr. Brandt and brow pencil and that’s okay. The one item I thought would salvage the box this month was one of the lip products and I got Bella Pierre glitter instead.

          The brushes, eye liner, and glitter are dollar store makeup. I can’t believe they claim a value of $30 on the brushes! They’re exactly the same ones that Wet n’ Wild sell for $1.99. The glitter isn’t even finely milled, it’s cheap craft glitter.

          I cancelled Boxy and am putting that towards Tribe instead.

          • Would you be willing to swap your naked palette for the Ofra? I am only asking because it’s sounds like you didn’t like anything in the box

          • Same! I am giving the glitter to my 10 yo niece

      • Agreed!

  31. Nice. This is only 6 items though if I counted correctly. My email s at d there were 7 items coming in the box if I remember right????

    • Nevermind I saw the lipstick was the none pictured item. What a cool box and for the price it’s amazing.

  32. Trying Eyeko Eye has been on my wish list. Excited to try it.

    • I’ve tried it before and I really liked it!

  33. Excited to try the hairspray, I hate the tiny sunscreen samples! Either give us a reasonable amount or don’t bother. Everything is just kind of ok. Love eyeko brand but I already have a few of these liners, the Laneige is alright. Meh.

  34. Great box!! In my humble opinion this is not a box for someone who doesn’t wear makeup. They do a mix but perhaps a skincare box would be more appropriate for you.

    • They’ve had great skincare options (remember Sunday Riley CEO?), which is why I signed up.

      If the makeup or hair care was full size, I’d keep my sub, as those are easier to sell/trade than the teeny products in this upcoming box.

  35. This box is blah. I guess I will try the Oribe, but I generally don’t use hair products.

    I won’t use the make up and already have micellar water, the Laniege, and the LRP, which is my daily sunscreen and I’ll use it, but still–boring.

  36. When I found out that we could pick a foundation shade, I was disappointed that I had cancelled. But now, after seeing the foundation size and the whole box, I am not so disappointed. I think Allure is going to spend the year having a hard time outdoing January’s box or maybe even better stuff is to come. Either way, I will be keeping an eye out to see if I want to resub because I really do enjoy this box on it’s good months.

  37. Still happy with this, with the Simple wipes being the full-size item. I can never have enough makeup remover wipes! It would have been a waste to send a full-size foundation if there were only 4 shades to choose from. And Eyeko liners are pretty great. Some day I will learn how to use a liquid liner ( sigh )

    • Eyeko was one of the first liquid liners I tried after jumping into sub box world and I think it was great one to start out with.

    • I totally agree with you. I’ve been subbed to Allure for over two years and if there’s a blah box once in a while, they totally make up for it in other months. I understand not wanting to spend money on something you won’t use, but this is a SUB, not a month by month like Target. I think it’s ridiculous that if there’s one box that someone doesn’t like, they cancel. Then, as soon as they see spoilers they like, they re-sub-and woe be unto Allure if they don’t make it back in for that spoiler. I think some people just have to have something to complain about.
      I’m on a fixed budget (I have MS/fully disabled) so again, I understand wanting to keep my money but I also don’t want nor need the stress of cancelling and re-subbing every other month. Just my HO. Didn’t mean to go off on a rant in response to your comment, lol, like I said, I totally agree with everything you said.

      • Agree

      • AGREE!! 😊🦄
        While posting I chose the lightest shade for foundation. At least Allure gave choices. Many subs do not.

      • You make sense! It’s silly to hold a grudge against a sub but I did because of a customer service issue. Can’t wait to try Laniege and glad this month’s box is on its way!!!

  38. Looks like I am calling to cancel my sub tonight. Can’t use Oribe because it contains silicones and I don’t wear makeup. I’d be interested in the Laneige, but I already have a full size, and the wipes alone aren’t worth the cost of the box.

    • How do you cancel i dont want to waste my money on this box?

      • Email or call them. I got an email offer for $10 for 4 months and decided to keep it. I will use a couple of the items that are worth $10 to me and I can gift or swap the rest.

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