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New Ann Taylor Subscription Box! Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

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Infinite Style by Ann Taylor Clothing Rental Subscription

Ann Taylor has launched a clothing rental subscription box!

The Subscription Box: Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

The Cost: $95 a month

The Products:

  • Infinite Style by Ann Taylor is a monthly clothing subscription rental service that gives you access to hundreds of Ann Taylor looks for one flat fee.
    For $95.00/month, members get three items in each box, and will typically receive up to 3 boxes per month.
  • You receive and exchange garments in a set of 3 each time.
  • Infinite Style by Ann Taylor offers women’s sizes 00-14, XS-XL, 00-14 Petite + XS – XL Petite.

Ships to: US Only

Keep track of your subscriptions: Add Infinite Style by Ann Taylor to your subscription list or wish list!

What do you think of Infinite Style by Ann Taylor? Want to see it reviewed?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m a devoted AT shopper and tried this service for 3 months and just cancelled. It met my work needs perfectly – need a fresh rotation of dressier blazers and outfits for client meetings – and spending $95 to get those items that I don’t want to keep buying seemed like a good way to go. It started off well but went downhill by month 2 and 3. I don’t have any issues with the “worn” aspect, as everything came super clean and was possibly brand new. But, one box I received two pair of navy pants – one solid and one pin striped. Great. Emailed to complain and was told a computer selects from your closeted items and so if there’s something you don’t want put it on “hold.” Okay. Other complaint was that they didn’t seem to be adding new things very often. I was having a hard time coming up with 20 items I would want, their recommended number to keep in your closet. Also, I had quite a few surprises, where things looked nothing like they did in the picture online. Guess I should have read the descriptions better. After about the last 3 boxes I only wore 1 item from each box I cancelled my subscription.

  2. A REVIEW!!

    A review of Ann Taylor’s Infinite Style from someone who’s living it:

    I signed up the day I got the email, October 26th. I’m not new to the rental world: I was one of the first members of RTR’s Unlimited program (for everyday wear as opposed to party dresses) and love the concept. I was especially happy about Ann Taylor launching a program for a few reasons:

    1. They’re one of the few labels that always fit me, with little to no alterations needed.

    2. They carry lots of business casual and business formal workwear, which is exactly what I’m after. And (with a few exceptions) I really like their styles.

    3. Playing Ann Taylor Shopping Bingo has gotten old. Something listed full retail today is on sale the following week at half price plus another 60% off. And final sale to boot. Being able to try things before I buy is a big perk of this program for me. Before you say “just go to a store, silly!” – the nearest one is over two hours away. Not an option.

    4. I get bored with the stuff in my closet, and buying buying buying isn’t a good answer. This is a (relatively) inexpensive way to constantly hit the refresh button. It’s also a good way to rock a trendy piece and not be stuck with it when it’s not trendy anymore!

    As I mentioned, I joined on 10.26. I am writing this review on 11.15. So far I have received three boxes containing three items each, with a fourth on the way. I have received blazers, sweaters, dresses, jeans, blouses and trousers – all items I “prioritized” except one. I bought one item (the jeans), wore one item (a black dotted tie-neck blouse), and sent the rest back for various reasons.

    Infinite Style asks you to ‘closet’ items, and you’re asked to keep a fully stocked closet so your next box can ship without delay. Surf their site, see items you like, choose your size then click ‘add to closet’. From there you can decide whether to prioritize an item or just leave it and have them send it whenever. So far AT has honored 8 of 9 of my priorities.

    The available clothing items are updated every ten days are so and are styles found on their retail website. Right now it’s only clothing – no accessories, which is too bad because I love their jewelry.

    Shipping is FAST. Like Amazon fast. I think they’re shipping from OH or IL, I’m in ME, and I have my boxes in two days. Everything is beautifully packaged in tissue. A large Tyvek bag with a prepaid return label is enclosed for when you’re ready to ship everything back.

    Some of you have expressed concern about the cost, $95/month. I’ve already received nine items for that $95 and my month isn’t over yet. I’m okay with the rental cost because:

    I’m not stuck with final sale items I hate or don’t fit.
    I’m not paying $8.95 for shipping on each order.
    I’m not buying an item at $X yesterday only to find out it’s selling for $Y today (which happens to me all.the.time!)

    Some of you expressed concern about wearing “used” clothes. Based on my experience so far, AT gets an A+. Everything has been meticulously clean with no strange smells, stains, or damage. I partially attribute this to being an early subscriber and there’s a good chance everything I’m getting is new, but also because I believe them when they say laundry is a huge part of this operation and they’re determined to get it right. Also – if you’re still skeeved out about it, most of AT clothing is machine washable so you can wash it yourself before wearing. (FWIW, the laundry part is where Rent the Runway lost me. A few too many items missed the cleaner…)

    Purchasing rental items at a discount. This part brings me back to Ann Taylor Shopping Bingo. Yes, you can purchase your rental items at a discount. It varies from 50% to 70% off retail, and I have absolutely no idea what parameters they’re using to figure out what garment gets which discount. But…

    This is where you need to get crafty, and sharpen your pencil.

    Of my last nine items, all but two were on sale + extra % off at the retail site. Infinite Style’s “sale” price is a percentage off full retail. The retail site price is markdown + discount. In the case of my seven items, it would’ve been in my best interest to buy retail – even with shipping factored in – on all seven items. The savings was that significant.

    I can’t say if this will be true of every item. Naturally, if it’s a rock-star item and you adore it and it’s going to sell out, don’t wait to play Shopping Bingo – buy it! Those of you who shop Ann regularly, though, know this doesn’t happen too often and most items have the full range of sizes when they go on sale. Something to think about, though.


    So far there aren’t many.

    I don’t like that the three items are a package deal, all or nothing. Keep all three or send all three back. RTR Unlimited allows you to have three items out at one time, but you can shuffle those items as you wish. With RTR if I want to keep a dress but send back a blouse and a blazer, I can – and they’ll send me two other items of my choosing to bring me back up to my allotment of three. I hope AT reconsiders this as they move forward. The shuffling is what makes it fun and keeps things fresh.

    I also wish they’d open up their entire retail collection to Infinite Style. At present it appears only part of the merchandise is being offered thru Infinite Style. Another thing I hope they’ll reconsider as they move forward.

    It would also be nice if their website had an icon or some other doodad to let you know what items you’ve already closeted, so you don’t add them twice. RTR has the heart icon to let you know you’ve favorited an item; I’d love to see IS do the same.

    In summary, so far I am very happy with Infinite Style and would recommend it to anyone.

    • I just received my first box from Ann Taylor Infinite Style and love it! Of the three pieces, two were definite hits; the third I’m on the fence about only because I might want a smaller size. I’ve tried Le Tote too and found their clothes to be of lesser quality than Ann Taylor’s. Le Tote is less expensive, but you get what you pay for.

      I recently gained some weight so many of my clothes no longer fit 🙁 I work in a professional office environment so going to work in jeans and a sweater isn’t an option. Since I didn’t wan’t to buy an entirely new wardrobe (because I hope I can lose the weight in 1-2 months), this was the perfect option. Signing up was easy, picking the clothes that I liked was also easy, and in about 4 days I had my first shipment. I opted for a pair of black trousers, a dress, and the jacket to match the pants.

      The clothes were in great condition and nicely packaged. Plus, if I want to keep any of the items, I get 60% off. That’s much cheaper than I could get them on sale directly from Ann Taylor! I will most likely keep the dress and the pants. I like the jacket but it’s a tad too big in the body so I hope I can exchange it for the next smaller size.

      Some reviewers said the idea of buying clothes that someone else has worn is “icky.” Well, if you’ve every bought anything from eBay, Poshmark, or a thrift store (even the high-end ones), you’ve worn something that someone else has worn. With Ann Taylor’s service, at least I’m sure the clothes have been dry cleaned and don’t have any smells.

      I love that I didn’t have to go to a physical store to try things on (I hate going to the mall) but can still wear things first before I buy them.

      I’m very happy with the service and will continue to use Infinite Style until I lose the weight I gained, or replenish my wardrobe.

  3. Pricier than LeTote but less items? I would love to sign up for this but not at this price for this amount of items.

  4. Totally agree with everyone. Too pricey as a rental model. Not interested. But for keeps, I would try.

  5. Wow, pricy. I don’t see this sub box lasting, at least not at that price. Now if we were talking about new clothes and for keeps, I’d be all in.

  6. Ann Taylor is one of my favorite places to get work clothes and I love the idea of getting outfits from them in the mail. But I’m with everyone else–this should be for keeps. I hope they decide to ditch the rental model and go traditional sub box! I’d totally sign up!!

  7. Rental…. no. Expensive and… yuk. Such a shame. I love Ann Taylor and would have subscribed if I could have kept the items.

  8. I quite like Ann Taylor and was excited and all ready to sign on until I saw this was a rental sub. But I would still like to see you review it.

  9. I love Ann Taylor but I can’t afford it. There is other rental clothes company that are affordable.

  10. Super excited – till i saw the word rental – gross for that price – would rather go in the store buy 3 pieces of off season clothing on sale that i know will like and fit and save them till the next season. 3 pieces will probably be cheaper the $95.

    I would have liked it if they came up with a mystery box – 1 piece of jewelry and 1 piece of clothing for $30 – that was not a rental. If they added a store coupon I would probably use it and purchase a few more items in store. – The rental idea is a No Go for me

    • Exactly. I think 2 items with a store coupon would be phenomenal. Not interested in renting anything.

  11. I shop regularly at The Loft Outlet, and while I’m encouraged that this company is getting in on the subscription bandwagon, this is DEFINITELY not the way to do it. I do not wear used clothing (too personal) and would never consider a rental service for anything but attire worn infrequently. This would be better received with one accessory and one clothes item…to keep, new, customized from a selection of 3.

  12. So because it’s a rental, the clothes you receive will all be used? That might be ok for Evening gowns but I wouldn’t want to wear used work clothes. I wonder what their policy is for returning items? Do you dry clean or do they take care of cleanings?

    • Yes, clothes will be used, but they will dry clean all clothing before sending it out – you don’t have to! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  13. I was excited until I realized it was a rental 🙁

  14. Good lord that price! I can go to the store right now and pick out a whole outfit for that much that I would get to keep for that price if I accounted for sales and or clearance items. Three items for $100 is a lot considering the price of the items and the fact that you will be keeping NONE of it.

    • Agreed. I thought that was the price to keep as well! You can buy a new outfit from Ann Taylor for that price, so why rent??

  15. Ya seems really expensive to me. Rent the Runway unlimited is like $130 a month for 3 items at a time but much much nicer things

  16. Yes, please review! The price is a bit steep but I’m curious to learn more.

  17. so this is rental….no thanks

    • Exactly my thoughts😁

  18. I agree, Le Tote is more reasonable.

    • But the quality of Le Tote’s clothes is terrible. Of their selection, maybe 10% of the items are as good as Ann Taylor’s.

  19. I would love to see this reviewed! I feel like you have a lot of clothing reviews for people who work in casual dress code offices. My dress code is very structured and this is right up my alley. If you are looking for someone to write it; I would be happy to review it!

  20. I would love to see it reviewed! Ann is my go-to source for work clothes. That’s a decent price for 3 AT items, as long as what they send us is not Loft.

    • Really? $95 for 3 pieces to rent??? There are much better rental services if renting clothes is your thing. Other ones near that price point let you rent unlimited amounts per month.

  21. I really like Ann Taylor but I don’t think this is a great deal. They often have 40-60% discounts and you could purchase outfits fairly inexpensive.

  22. Wow-what a surprise! I absolutely love Ann Taylor!

    • I didn’t realize this was a rental. Not that sweet after all if we don’t get to keep the clothes.

      • You do get to keep the clothes if you like – Ann Taylor let’s you buy them for 60% off the retail price.

  23. Wow that is pricy, I get 4 clothing items for $60 from Le Tote.

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